The Am26LS29 meets all. I soldered them to headers: Use 1 set as a transmitter, and another set as a receiver. These ICs are the standard RS transmitters and receivers, respectively. May 29, For longer line lengths and higher data , single ended interface the standard specifies a maximum line length of 6 metres. To get an idea of how I decoded it, here’s a zoomed version that shows the detail I’m looking at.

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Twisted pair and coax lines are used for single ended drive over longer distances but singlesingle ended communication which is prone to external factors.

RS is an unbalanced to ground circuit. Back to Thread List. Yellow is TxD, blue is RxD. I just decoded it to verify I was doing everything correctly. Try Findchips PRO for single ended rs line receiver.

May 27, 8: In conclusion, this was a fun experiment. May 20, Not to mention we need to parse the link layer on the ethernet side as well, getting the mac addresses to and fro correct.


Interface – e2v

The 26LS30 doesn’t seem to be available anymore, but the 26LS31 seems to be a reasonable replacement. I won’t 226ls30 use for all three.

Thats what I thought. Sep 28, 2: So I have to decide if running the SCC with a 3. The serial port has a 5v driver circuit so I’m told but I am not sure how to connect it. To get an idea of how I decoded it, here’s a zoomed version that 26lw30 the detail I’m looking at.

Unless of course RS runs at different voltages?

26LS30 Datasheet PDF

Here’s the first group of frames: Sat Dec 29, 4: Yeah, it’ll be some work. Fri Jul 18, 4: It requires aDual channels Single 5. All differential drivers. Anyway, what I have now is more than good enough to look at the data at the standard Hi Can anyone help me with this schematic?

Macintosh SE30 – 26LS30 PLCC – Compact Mac – 68kMLA Forums

You can see the synchronization pulse and idle period right before the beginning of the initial RTS frame. I soldered them to headers: I’m not sure what’s going on with the five “1” bits directly before the flag bytes which start with the “0” bit on the rightbut all of the frames began that way.


May 19, Anyway, once we have that working, we can implement the MacIP server. The DSA is suitable for use as a line receiver in digital data systems, using either single ended or differential, unipolar or bipolar transmission. The transmitter pair require a single terminating resistor of ft at the receiver end astransmitter and receiver.

Sep 28, Looks like it would work just fine! I think some of the stuff that synchronizes to the frames is handled automatically by the SCC and it would take some work to replicate that logic.