These are full-fledged SoCs, which completely integrate the chipset including the southrbidge. That’s why you always waited for the A versions. They had performance problems with their memory controller that where fixed with the A versions in both cases. So, don’t be so sure. VIA and Zhaoxin have been co-developing the ZX family of x86 processors for rollout in , and at least on paper, the chips appear to have the chops to take on Intel’s “Gemini Lake” SoCs.

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Abit VH6T Motherboard

That’s why you always waited for the A versions. I managed to clock one of my 1. Granted, VIA isn’t exactly a significant competitor. In any case Apollo was much worst than BX. It is by no means a fast chipset unless you compare it with socket 7 machines.

360 controller on vista

Don’t get me wrong. You can’t forget that kind of disappointment.

Check out my threads on Vogons marvin section – I benchmarked most slot 1 and socket chipsets last summer. And I have to prove nothing to you, as you have to prove nothing to me. Also you have to realize that degrees and years of experience means nothing to the other person. There was also controlleg CPU cache latency issue with thebut since it was designed to run socket chips with adio die cache, it’s not really an issue.


They had performance problems with their memory controller that where fixed with the A versions in both cases.

VIA had a bad name because it was underperforming compared with chipsets from Intel. It was at that point my opinion and perspective about VIA chipsets changed. I was under the opinion, like yours, and a friend benchmarked VIA vs Intel based mobo’s right in front of me. You really don’t have controllef convince everyone.

ABIT Driver – free motherboard driver downlod

VIA has no such thing to hedge in on the duopoly. I do wonder if VIA will maintain their license in the future; Intel and AMD have a controlelr of cross-licensing of x86 patents that keep them dependent on each other. And I’m not the only one that came to these results – there are similar threads on amibay, vogons and computerhistory forums. It is in fact the slowest of all socket chipsets.

Look, don’t get me wrong. While the older chips were built on the 28 nm process, the KX series will be built on the newer 16 nm process, feature 4 or 8 CPU controlleg clocked at speeds of up to 3. I have my experience that tells me something completely different.

VIA was great as long as there was no competition to show it’s chipsets weaknesses in performance. Holy blast from the past time Batman!


ABIT VH6T drivers

Both of those statements abbit not jive with real world testing and benchmarks of the time. The big problem with VIA chipsets, especially the first revisions, where the memory bandwidth.

I mean, I have seen in the past people posting BS not in this forum and after they where getting ridiculed from many members, they where throwing degrees all over the place in a final effort to defend themselves. Collecting, repairing fontroller messing around with old x86 hardware is what I’ve been doing for the past 6 years.

The replacement was a board with VIA chipset. The only really good thing they had to show, was their Vinyl Audio. Sorry, but I know what I have seen back then.

All you have to back up your claims are words. I just knew someone will say VIA is Cyrix These chips could realistically be touted as low-cost alternatives to Intel “Gemini Lake” SoCs, although Zhaoxin is making bold claims about its performance nearing that of AMD Ryzen processors. I don’t have a time machine.