The company was acquired by Safenet Inc, in Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd. In mid, Vector Capital was attempting to purchase Aladdin. Aladdin’s new eToken R2, which underwent nearly 18 months of research and development and extensive international market research, is a USB token about the size of a normal house key. The attack requires physical access to the device circuit board and will allow all private information to be read from the device without knowing the PIN number of the legitimate user. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Free Website Security Scan.

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In its early years the company developed two product lines, syatems artificial intelligence package which was dropped early on and a hardware product to prevent unauthorized software copying, similar to digital rights management. It is used across many platforms Windows, Linux, Mac. Because the eToken R2 contains no proprietary protocols and uses a published and tested encryption algorithm, it can be integrated easily into security solutions that currently support smart cards and other types of authentication devices.

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Aladdin Knowledge Systems Introduces Next-Generation, Secure USB Authentication Token

This sequence will enter a 0xFF character into the dialog box. They informed us that version 3.

HASPwhich stands for Hardware Against Software Piracywas the company’s first product and evolved into a complete digital rights management suite, that includes a software only option and a back office management application, in recent years also software as a service capability. Oracle Knowledge Management The 8-byte string defining the encrypted version of the default PIN is unique for each eToken.


Press releases involving the eToken can be found at: Free Trial, Nothing to install. Only the microprocessor on the key is allowed to have access to the secret information.

Aladdin Knowledge Systems

It offers a fully portable and cost-effective means to authenticate users and etokeen digitally sign sensitive business transactions. Matthew Zintel Zintel Public Relations From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It’s the first USB-based hardware device that can be used alasdin encrypt information, store user passwords, private keys and digital certificates for authentication solutions for local area networks LANsvirtual private networks VPNse-commerce and mobile computing.

Oracle Advanced Outbound Telephony These methods should be considered by all hardware vendors, since they help to raise the bar against common physical attacks. Aladdin’s previous Knowlddge token – a proof-of-concept device introduced at the January RSA Security Conference – utilized the MD5 hashing algorithm which no longer stands up to today’s sophisticated security challenges.

The eToken R2 also incorporates an improved USB connector and a redesigned one-piece plastic housing which aalddin enhanced tamper evidence and increased reliability. The information has been provided by: Matthew Zintel Zintel Public Relations If a legitimate user loses their USB key, all data, including the private information, needs to be considered as if compromised.

Aladdi the key is unattended for any amount of time, the data could possibly have been compromised due to the PIN being bypassed with the methods described in this advisory. A schematic of our findings can be found a! The mechanical features aren’t externally visible, so if they are broken during disassembly, it won’t be evident. Debbie Kaye Aladdin Investor Relations investor aladdin. Aladdin serves its customers through eight offices knwoledge in the world’s major software markets as well as a network of 50 distributors serving more than countries.


Now you can benefit from Efoken Expertise and broader solution offerings. Epoxy encapsulation and other tamper hindering techniques should be employed in the manufacturing of such hardware devices.

File system successfully exported. The demonstration tool, in form of an application, has been written for the Windows 98 platform.

Terms of Use Site Privacy Statement. Aladdin Knowledge Systems Aladdin Nasdaq: Aladdin’s new eToken R2, xystems underwent nearly 18 months of research and development and extensive international market research, is a USB token about the size of a normal house key. Access to the circuit board can be obtained by heating the device with a heat gun or hair dryer, and carefully prying the two pieces apart using an X-acto knife and small screwdriver blade.

ALDN is a global leader in securing digital content, from applications wladdin to Internet use and access.