Log in or Sign up. I’ve read thru many of the reviews, and no one really says much about the on-board audio on motherboards much these days, other than “its good”. Something about Creative trying to force people to upgrade to X-Fi? So games will never sound good, like they did on my old Creative card. Your name or email address: That step is a doozie though Log in or Sign up.

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AppleHDA for ALCa () – Audio – InsanelyMac Forum

I’m currently using the onboard Realtek myself, and in Vista because no one at Creative has figured out that Vista has gone gold and even been released in al, the year of our Lord two 889 and seven the superficial, everyday volume listening you can’t hear a glaring difference in quality between my X-Fi and the onboard. I’m using some noname FM transmitter, which comes with mono FM radio headphones by the way.

This is an old thread, but it does go back to my concern about onboard vs.

E-MU soundcards have same “thing” but much less noticable. Results 1 to 9 of 9. I had an 8899a 2 and switched to a mobo with the ALCA. Do you already have an account?


Gigabyte ALCa drivers vs Realtek drivers

The problem is this, every so often every minute or so but gaps can be longer or shorter the sound cuts off for a second when playing anything with sound i.

The chip doesn’t support real-time 3D positional effects or EAX in games.

So one day we will test them too. For the better sound quality and decoding features. Sep 8, 3. Do you already have an account? If it were between an XtremeAudio and the Realtek onboard chips, I’d say the onboard chips are likely better, simply due to the crippled nature of the XtremeAudio. For the record, they do the most thorough job of reviewing onboard audio performance. I’m using two speakers, and in my situation, I do not have acl for a 7.

It supports kHz, I can select it in windows 7 in speaker configuration al realtek manager, but it changes nothing – output is like 48 kHz. No, not at this point Perhaps in future???? I use the “Rock” equalizer setting because the default flat at 0 setting is completely boring, bland, and flat to me. Jan 10, BuztafenJan 8, No, don’t use the predefine.


Log in or Sign up. Tue Jun 11, 9: I had these apc boot cycling problems that seems to be commonly posted on here.

What are the differences between ALC888, ALC889 and ALC889A audio chipsets?

Jan 5, 7. There is NO custom equalizer. That said, the XtremeAudio is bit-locked, so using it for FM in the way you all are describing is likely not possible. This is a big necropost thanks doggy Originally Posted by last0ne. Come on Realtek and Gigabyte!

Stereo Tool

Log in or Sign up. Weren’t the Audigy series drivers incompatible with Vista? Someone did a head to head of the two, but for the life of me I can’t recall who did it or which chip was deemed the superior one. Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. It seems like a driver problem but i was just wondering if anyone had any pearls of wisdom?

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