While Asus strictly focused on making the case better than the one of the Eee H, it seems that it apparently took the first panel it could get hold of for this mini notebook. The keyboard is the same also used in the Eee H, but with a different look. Asus Eee PC S The keys are now either made of a different plastic composite or a different coating was chosen, which makes the keyboard slightly glitter. The choice of the screen seems somewhat not well considered. When we tested the demo on a resolution of x pixel, we recorded rather passable fps.

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Regarding mass storage Asus came up with an interesting solution, which cannot unconditionally be recommended.

The xsus mass storage device is a 16 GB solid state drive. The very thin base unit is especially important for the new appearance of the base unit, Considering key size and layout the Eee S apparently uses the same keyboard unit than the Eee PC Hbut with an essential difference.

On the top side this netbook just reaches the 30 degrees Celsius level. This all for some jewels and a little stainless steel? A simple rule of thumb: In general this location seems to be perfrectly alright. The Asus Eee S achieved a runtime of minutesthat is nearly 5 hours, in Sse Readers, representing the maximum battery life to be expected.


Even typing longer texts was no problem. From the same manufacturer: Ss41 of the lid in high-gloss look, especially the used materials ensure haptic experiences.

Review Asus Eee PC S Mini-Notebook – Reviews

A special feature is the Eee Storage, an on-line storage space, where you can store your data. Asus Eee Storage According mass storage Asus comes up with an interesting gadget. Despite a clearly higher price than the successful Eee H, you will just get a faint screen like this. Excluding the feet the base unit is just 1. In contrary to other LED displays, which often offer a good display brightness, this one did unfortunately disappoint in this aspect. Asus points out that the usage period of the Eee Storage is restricted to 18 months.

Asus equips the Eee PC S with a Please share our article, every link counts! Although the system fan runs all the time, asd system noise stays always hardly audible. So, this notebook is ready for mobile use, also on the lap. Using the Eee Storage is very simple.

The built-in SD card reader inclusive a 16 GB card ex factory is used to enhance the available mass storage capacity. However, if you frequently need to substitute different memory cards, e. Despite metal inlays and jewels from Swarowski the case still looks decent and elegant.


Fortunately these are carefully integrated into the hinges. A good internet connection with big bandwidth is required to reach an appropriate upload speed. The display hinge made of metal also is an eye-catcher Don’t expect too much performance.

ASUS-JM S41 SSD ATA Device Drivers

Overall, the Eee PC S does not find it hard to score points. In the file manager it is represented in a similar way than storage devices, which you can copy data to. However, it gets a little bit critical for the display brightness. Also the asuw shape of the Eee H was consigned to history, because the S now relies on a very thin battery integrated in the front part.

This way it is possible to easily enhance the storage capacity if required. Despite of a very low total weight of slightly above one kilogram the Eee S convinces by a runtime of hoursthanks to being equipped with a lithium-polymer battery.