Anyway thanks for any help you can provide! The behringer stuff is bare minimum for anything acceptable, most of the time it’s mocked as junk, but it’s probably 20x better than the previous card you had. That would be great actually. I’ll scrape together some cash and buy something soon. More efficient audio processing.

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You can also monitor audio as you record it and auditiln hear volume, pan, and effects changes during playback. If you’re willing to troubleshoot, I can give you some details about my issue, if not it’s fine.

It works, but you can get a better preamp. Apply machine-specific hardware settings for network users. When you configure inputs and outputs for recording and playback, Adobe Audition can use these kinds of sound card drivers: In gaming for me it’s much more important to know where to go to avoid danger.

Results 1 to 2 of 2. Look for best reviewed ones in your price bracket, ezpz.


The time now is These setting vary from driver to driver. Pro auditin 10 and latest R asio driver problems. Eh I’ll chime in. It’s not listed in the compatibility docs.

It’s not that the onboard sound sounds “better”. Extra addition, if you are hard up for cash, I can send you a free maudio interface, just pm me address, stream info etc.

It lets me load the driver, and I can see the wav when I open it, but it won’t play or anything at all. This document describes how to select a driver and how to configure each kind of driver.

Set up Audition 3 audio drivers for Adobe Audition

The Device Name column lists all available DirectSound outputs and inputs. Misery does love company; so you’re welcome soumd stay. Seeing how badly you misunderstood my post i’ll leave it be for now and simply say; No, the phoebus does not offer anything better then a proper studio card, even if you don’t use it for live recording.

That offer still stands though. It certainly isn’t as crisp or detailed as the Phoebus. The options in this window are as follows:. Find all posts by JCBigler. Send a private message to Fran d’Valle. I love my Phoebus.


LTC signal can be created by Audition and written to an audio output channel. More accurate channel synchronization. I’m also a streamer, so almost every USB port is already in use and lots of clutter.

I’ll scrape auditiion some cash and buy something soon.


I don’t just akdition this setup for streaming though. See Assign audio inputs and outputs to tracks. My main concern is that my Rode mic requires phantom power which is why I’ve been stuck using that mixer the entire time.

HQ confirms this is the fix for now. Sound card outputs let you monitor audio through sources such as speakers and headphones.