There are lots of other features and options. The optimal format is: This could compromise the correctfunctioning of your Geosat2. If you don’t you will get the confusing message shown on the right. The Customer Support will reply providing you instructions. It also gives you turn by turn voice instructions.

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Issues and Problems Whilst I was testing I didn’t really experience any problems, certainly not on the road. For use on the continent that is probably not too bad as a post code only identifies a town, in the UK a post code pin-points a house. As geeosat drive the route the map rotates to your direction of travel and automatically scales to give more detail of required manoeuvres.

AvMap GeoSat2 GPS Car Navigator review

This allows you to connect the unit to a computer to either update the software, or to install new maps. AvMap claim that the display is readable in the sunlight, and I must say that I never experienced any issues during my testing.

This can be useful if you are installing it in a truck or lorry with a higher voltage system. OK so that is the technical stuff out of the way. It is easy to use all you need to do is select the area of your choice and then click on a button to transfer it to the GeoSat2. Just twiddle a few knobs, press a few buttons and off you go. As I have no problems with satellite reception I just leave the GPS antenna tucked behind the display.


The Geisat Clear is ggeosat memory reset that can be carried out in case of fatal error or to reset the memory in order to restore the default settings.

This effectively prevents you experimenting with the settings and controls when you are not in the car. Changes the displayed page Map, Trip Computer, track directions. I prefer to learn a new device in the comfort of my office or home. On the whole I found the entry system to be a little too fiddly for me. A full screen map; The map with a display panel on the right; and The map with the next turn instruction at the top not shown.

The mounting system is that manufactured by Herbert Richter in Germany, and forms the foundation of many of the current mounting systems for GPS and other in-car devices. This set of POIs would be very welcome with the motor-caravan community.

Over here it can cause great problems and confusion, not so with GeoSat2. I got around this by buying a v to 12v cigarette lighter adapter, so now I can use it in the comfort of my lounge, much to the annoyance of my wife.

As I mentioned earlier the maps are stored on a CF card.

AvMap GeoSat2 User Manual

Supporting Gesat for the European Community using one of the fol- lowing procedures: This time you are presented with a secondary screen allowing you to select the POI category group.


When running in passenger mode there ar 3 possible screens that can be displayed: The File Save To Disk window is displayed.

Reinsert the card inside the navigator. Finding the Nearest City lists all the places gosat the location by distance, It shows both the Postal Name and the Administrative Council District name.

This last year has seen a number of dedicated GPS navigation systems released so how does this navigation system measure up? Which is the amperage absorption of geoosat AvMap Geosat?

This is achieved using 2 different screens: Warranty Conditions and Technical Supporting The configuration settings are described on another page click here for this page. After the update the navigator shows the message “Worldwide background missing”, what can I do?


This mounting plate has 4 lugs on it that locate directly into the rear of the GeoSat2. Then press the ENT key again. Have any comments about this review? The GeoSat2 is quite easy to use when finding addresses, but does not support postal codes.