If no error messages occur, the operating test was successful. Overview with access to all Vector demos, service packs, drivers, application The setup supports the operating systems Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit , Windows 32 bit and 64 bit and Windows 10 64 bit. The left window lets you access the installed Vector devices, the right window displays the details of the selection. To remove the SD card push it into the holder slot a little bit until it unlatches then let it go and it will spring out of its latched position. Information on the driver installation process can be found in the separate installation instructions at the end of this manual.

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If Set hit XCP driver can access the given page. Execute Vector Driver Setup from the auto start menu or directly from. Messages can be received and sent over both channels with suitable tools. Available power supplies can be found in the accessories manual on the driver CD. You can initiate triggers by pulling down pin 2 to GND. Verify that the following items came More information. It also includes an Undo option so you test.

This operation involves placing the housing on a table with its back side side with the bar code facing upward. If the driver has been properly installed, the device can be inserted or connected to the PC with bir included USB cable. The logged data is saved on industrial-grade SD cards see section Memory Card on page The ISO standard is a globally recognized standard Warranty Restriction of warranty We reserve the right to change the contents of the documentation and the software without notice.


If two different voltage supplies are being used for logger and test equipment, the ground GND pins of the two voltage supplies must be biit. The CardFix Kit can be ordered at Vector article number Select an installed VN from the list.

Vector Driver Setup: New Version 10.7.14

Visit our Website for: Please loosen the appropriate screw including the retainer and carefully remove the Piggyback from the mounting location. For Windows XP users only: Critical data rate, but no messages are lost.

Set the appropriate baudrate depending on the transceiver being used HighSpeed max. Please note that you will need Administrator Rights for the following steps Version 5.

You can initiate triggers by pulling down pin 2 to GND.

git Step-by-step instructions provide assistance at these points. Mircom Configurator Software Guide v. General notes 2 Notes on the documentation. Device is ready for logging. We are grateful for references to mistakes or for suggestions for improvement to be able to offer you even more efficient products in the future Registered trademarks Registered trademarks All trademarks mentioned in this documentation and if necessary third party registered are absolutely subject to the conditions of each valid label right and the rights of particular registered proprietor.


Example of unsynchronized network interfaces.

Vector XL Driver – LabVIEW wrappers – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

You will see statistical cancawexl in the lower part of the window if the system has been configured properly. MyEventViewer bit is a simple alternative to the standard event viewer of. Additional details of available channels are shown in a tree view. You will find mounting location 1 Channel 1 at the center of the PC-board and mounting location 2 Channel 2 at the edge of the PC-board.

Notes The windows in the actual software may differ somewhat from those shown in this manual. This guide shows you how to set-up and More information. No further mention will be made of the power manager in this document. It is also possible to receive and analyze Remote Frames without any limitations.