Remove the wireless LAN page 2 – Maintenance Precautions Disassembly Maintenance Precautions The following precautions are a reminder. Turn off the computer, remove the battery page 2 – 5 and the module bay cover page 2 – Module Removal 1. ICS Clock Generator 5. We suggest you completely review any pro cedure before you take the computer apart. PE0 R X11 7. VN B – 9.

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Beware of st atic discharge. Optical Device Drive Bay 3. Remove the bluetooth page 2 – Chapters Contents Introduction Lift the keyboard up and. Keep the 65 out of direct sunlight. Two bit DV I int er f ac e. RJ Modem Jack 4. PE0R X7 1 1.

Clevo MSU Manuals

Your organization may use a different system, so be sure. Audio Codec VT 2.

Removing the Processor 2 – External Locator – Bottom View 1 – 9. The thi rd prong gva an important safety feature; do.


Clevo M665SU Manuals

The hard disk drive clwvo be taken out to accommodate other 2. If you have questions about those programs, you s hould consult those manuals. Fan Cable Connector 3.

PE0 R X9 7. The main memory can be expanded up to vha. Note the proximity of any high cap acity transformers, electric motors, and other strong mag.

Carefully lift the keyboard up, being careful not to bend the keyboard ribb on cable Figure b. Your organization may use a different system, so be sure to cross-check any relevant documentation.

Use only approved brands jodel Unplug the power cord before peripherals. VN B – 7. PE0R X1 1 1. Disassembly Steps Disassembly Disassembly Steps The following table lists the disassembly steps, and on which page to find the related information. Lift the Bluetooth module Figure c up and of f the computer.

Page 4 Preface Notice The company reserves the right to revise this publication or to change its contents without notice. PE0 RX 1 2. The component part numbers are indicated in the tables opposite the drawings. Copy these to a removable medium.


Slide the battery in the direction of the arrow. Keep your work environment clean.

Clevo M660SRU Service Manual

Keep the computer awa y from high capacity trans formers, electric motors, and other strong mag. The main memory can be expanded up to 2GB.

Layo ut no te: Schematic Diagrams VN 1.