The data in the database disk files is stored in a portable format, so that databases can be easily transported from machine to machine regardless of the CPU architecture of each machine. Not all Derby functionality is supported when using the Network Server. When a client application needs to store or retrieve data in the database, it submits a request through the JDBC API to the Derby engine either over a network or directly to the embedded engine. For example on one command line: This section explains how to use and configure Cloudscape in an embedded environment.

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You don’t have JavaScript enabled. Applications that are installed on remote multi-user machines are subject to unauthorized access if the remote administrator does not appropriately protect the files. These characteristics make it easy to download Derby applications together with their database or run them from a CD-ROM. This simplifies application deployment, because it reduces the potential for problems with a user’s class path.

The naming port had to be changed because when you run cloudscape in standalone RmiJdbc mode, it binds to portwhich is the default port for naming in JBoss.

Cloudscape anyone? |JBoss Developer

For that reason, this section provides useful information for all environments. For more information, visit the official web site.


Subsubprotocol is one of the following: Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. The database connection URL semantics changed as well.

Class COM.cloudscape.core.JDBCDriver

As mentioned above, if a stored procedure includes OUT parameters, a client application executes jddbcdriver stored procedure using the CallableStatement method, as shown in Listing 9.

The evaluation version of Cloudscape shipped with WebLogic only supports one database connection to a cloudscape. Since the entire database is encrypted, the structure of the database schema is also hidden.

This evaluation version will not expire, but it is restricted to store only a limited amount of data. At any rate, the thing won’t start up There are a few right now, but Cloudscape isn’t one of them. I won’t go into all the error details since I figured I would throw this out there first to see if anyone can give me a step-by-step for getting CloudScape to work. In addition to supporting policy files, Derby can detect digital signatures on JAR files. To check the expiration date, put cloudscape.

The most current release is Cloudscape When a database is deployed to a remote or mobile location, it is not possible to use physical security to prevent unauthorized access to data. ccloudscape

Cloudscape Version A technical overview

A SQL trigger specifies the actions that should occur when a SQL statement inserts into, updates, or deletes from a table. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Maybe it’d be worth adding this to the documentation at some point too, it might be nice to have some nice and easy instructions for a collection of DBs. Jdbcdrivver Other resources for more documentation on Cloudscape, or to purchase a licensed version. Once the application code has been added to the database, moving jdbcdrriver copying the database ensures that the appropriate application logic is moved along with the data.


The tour is also available online.

Using Cloudview To start Cloudview from a command shell: The embedded JDBC driver transfers data to and from the database engine without the need for network communication. Jason Hobbs c-jhobbs efficient.

Derby is a lightweight, embeddable relational engine in the form of a Java class library. Do not include the swingall. For example, mobile databases on notebook computers can be stolen if the notebook computer is stolen. IBM continues its Cloudscape commercial offering at no-charge, which adds features to the core Derby engine. This section explains how to use and configure Cloudscape in an embedded environment.

The subprotocol is always cloudscape and does not vary. Derby can also handle data files on read-only media.