P I hope you get what i mean as i’m a little headache right now and i’m trying to get my language right.. Fall in love with audio again. Your Realtek drivers are outdated or something did not install correctly if according to what you’re describing is what i’m thinking. Do I need to do anything with this ISO file? Oct 14 , Feb 13 ,

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Can i use windows xp driver for windows 7 for Compaq Presario V3759TU?

Below are the results. But hey matewhere do i find the other boot. I tot i explained it in the first page?

See the image below: Blog Latest tips, tricks and news. I want to ask something.

Mar 24 May 19 Feb 12 Small changes 29th February 08 There is 3 part of the guide: Aug 12 Jan 13 Feb 23 Feb 22 This post has been edited by ellena: I learned from this mistake too. Go to your C: This is due to the fact that some of these CD might have already been slipstreamed with drivers before and the tools listed here might not recognise the previous slipstreamer and mess up the CD.


HP Website never does provide enough detail on the specification of the laptop you’re using because HP seems to have a lot of different hardware configuration for one model series. It has something to do with http: If the disc is slipstreamed with other applications, just removing the application won’t work dude But that rule looks like not applied for me. May 17 About Us Learn about ReviverSoft. I’ve copy to the floopy and it loads but contains a lot of selection which i don’t know which one i should choose.

can i use windows xp driver for windows 7 for Compaq Presario VTU? | Yahoo 知識+

If you meant Vista, i think vista would have detected your hard drive easily but if it doesn’t, i guess you have to get SATA drivers for vista and load in the setup. If the setting is grey out like the image below: Assuming that you did download the file from the v33759tu i provided, then yes Take down all the information you need on your graphics card, video card and sound card.


Copy the link, open a new tab or window and open the URL that way. My version of integration was done using RyanVM integrator which doesn’t mess with this tutorial.

You using USB floppy? You will have to right click on the My Computer shorcut, and select Manage. Before this I am using windows vista, but it is difficult for my bro’s, I decided to install window xp back, but when I try to format comoaq laptop, it says no Hard Disk Drives found on the laptop. I’m busy with my FYP currently which i prioritize first so i’ve not been on msn for a few weeks already