I will try and build another circuit with all the components that are on a Fuji circuit to further test this but I don’t see many components coming into play as the switch used for the flash isn’t closed and therefore excludes some of the components. Problem between Meter and person measuring Me or cheap meters don’t work with this circuit for measuring amps? Hi jadaro Here’s the barebone version of the original drawing. Time to move on past the barebone circuit and start adding components, so far the bigger the CFL the more power consumption and shorter run times didn’t last more than 4 – 5 hours and at nightlight level lasted over 12 – 24 hours depending on CFL size. Home Community Help Login Register. The only thing you should be concerned with is the primary circuit in resonance. Now even more Deep Discounts!

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I tried to light the CFL but it just drained the voltage and wouldn’t light. Flash bulb outer lead Note: Not bad for a barebones mini Tesla circuit I was using the Fuji 6 pin transformer when I did the barebone test circuit posted above but as you can see all of these transformers have 6 pins but guji 5 have wires hooked up to them.

Check this out and join BitTube. At that point I got the CFL light to start flickering without a drop in voltage.


August 30, I have run the circuit with different transistors and capacitor values but the results are the same, if I use comleted 68 pF capacitor and adjust the 10 K pot for a minimum CFL brightness then the battery power consumption is reduced but not much light.

Also i do not Lie and i am sorry you guys couldn’t replicate Ciruit Devices. Tests depend on the battery condition, CFL size Wattstransistor, resistor and capacitor size.

Interesting also is that if I use a higher value polarized electrolytic capacitor I can get the CFL to strobe and not use much power but that isn’t useful and gets annoying after awhile Statistic Support Search Help F.

I think you should use the 6 pin transformer instead of the 5 pin for your standard circuits since it seems to provide better performance.

Fuji Circuit Joule Thief CFL Light | Cell Phone Batteries

March 05, Hooked up analog at battery to monitor voltage drain for now, voltage drop or high amperage intake same thing to me 2. Please login or register. Maxwell Ultracaps YT Subscribe. Many thanks for supporting OverUnity.

Neon lead 1 Ok a secret reviled. LOL Now for the next steps Amazon Deals Amazon Warehouse Deals! All Here’s my first attempt, I removed the transformer from a Fuji disposable camera circuit board and started a prototype board with a 10 K ohm 20 turn potentiometer, the 68 pf capacitor is in parallel to the pot. Transformer Pin 6 Locator pin, no wire So far though, it seems to be balancing driving the motor off the battery while driving the barebone circuit and lighting the CFL with a recharge effect on the depleted battery.


Fuji circuit aa light bulb

Flash bulb’s third lead goes to top of HV pulse coil back of circuit not shown. User Menu Welcome, Guest. Did you miss your activation email? Check out these great prices on ccircuit used or just opened once only items.

So far though, it seems to completer balancing driving the motor off the battery while driving the barebone circuit and lighting the CFL with a recharge effect on xircuit depleted battery Logged Goat Hero Member Posts: I have to say the only components i used were the pot and a 68 pf cap. What’s interesting is that the original circuit posted on the josepino. Still messing around with the barebone Fuji circuit, after many configurations I am up to over 24 hours lighting a CFL at a low level on a used AA battery.

Diode negative Cathode Well this is interesting, after running the above test with the electroluminescent light it finally gave out at approximately 0.