I finally read serville’s post about how the BIOS is allowing ghost to see his external usb drives. Do I need himem or emm in order to get ghost to work error free? Originally Posted by Thraka. If you have a floppy drive and boot floppy disk to your liking, most CD burning programs will create a bootable CD by reading the boot floppy and burning it to the CD. I modified the config. Added a link to this thread in the guide where I discuss imaging to USB drives, at the botom of this page: Unfortunately it looks like you guys weren’t able to resolve his problem.

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I am using the Panasonic drivers version 2.

It sounds good to me, but I have no clue how that works. So if the C: But Ghost sees the drive and assigns it a [x: I changed the Nero Image with the diwk.

Yes, This is possible, and I have a working prototype that is simple to use. I am using v2. EP Big time bummer EP.

Back on replyI remarked that the thread had over 15, page-views: SYS to the A: I then removed again under XP around gigs leaving 18gigs or so. Standaard enhanced pci to usb-hostcontroller: So, I have no ready way to recreate said item as I am living in a FEMA trailer while engaged in torturously renovating my home. Neither can I press the break button in order to see whether or not the usb driver recognized my external HDD.


I Ghosted is that a word? Now I am going to finish stripping down the new reference computer.


I don’t know what to do with: I’m just a software guy, and due to that limitation normally stick with supported hardware ie stuff that was once comercially available. HDD up to the letter Z.

Aye, I used the panasonic 2. It looks like the USB 2.

USB for Dos? – FreeDos and Dos –

The info above are sspi error messages that occur ed for those disks using step by step confirmation during F8 boot. I used ntfsdos which should very well be able to mount all ntfs drives in read mode. I can read image from ghost without any problems but when I want to create an image of C: I used FAST compression I followed your instructions in your project 1 guide and modified it to aspu the following files in the image: Delete both of those files from disk 1.


By “corporate Ghost ” the use of quotes was intentional I do indeed mean Ghost 8 which is sold under the label Symantec Ghost Solution Suite. It might then as well restore them on my original I: Here is how it begins: D Using the steps in the very first post of this thread but with v2.

USB for Dos?

All times are GMT Thanks again for your help, guys. But, I’m not going to waste people’s time xisk ignoring what they advise me to do and I don’t want my time wasted as well.

Image size of a spanned image varies slightly: