How can I run a loadtest without having to specify a duration? Does SilkPerformer support line breaks? It can be used for more accurate matching by check-state rule. How can I set SilkPerformer to close down automatically after a test simulation has finished? Is there a way to determine which IP address a virtual user is assigned to? Visual User Data Customization does not work for browser-level scripts.

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The verrevpath dummynet could be used to do automated anti-spoofing by adding the following to the top of a ruleset: Retrieve information about an array of strings.

Date and time of the original Accepted Baseline are reported even though a new Baseline has been accepted. If no socket is bound to the destination port, or if the divert module is not loaded, or if the kernel was not compiled with divert socket support, the packets are dropped. Further actions and options have been added by various developer lpfw the years.

Pfsense rc2h pf rules + ipfw dummynet traficshaping | Netgate Forum

Best practices for script and results reuse in SilkPerformer. We create one pipe for each class and configure them accord- ingly.

How do I find the maximum dummynwt throughput for a single SilkPerformer Agent machine? I want to run the same script, but in different scenarios, e.


A host or subnet address specified in one of the following ways: Reason for the error “WebEngine: Can I set up a workload which will run a transaction exactly X number of times? How can I generate individual response times for every virtual user and for every iteration of a transaction in my overview report?

Currently the following commands are available as internal sub-options: Create a recording rule that will suppress the recording and scripting of calls to a particular URL. Note that for slow speed links you should keep the queue size short or your traffic might be affected by a significant queueing delay. TInit Transaction continues to repeat during Test Execution. In particular, the destination address remains unmodified, so packets forwarded to another system will usually be rejected by that system unless there is a matching rule on that system to capture them.

SilkPerformer still referencing evaluation version after license has been imported.

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Wildcards are not supported. If not specified here, it must be present explicitly as a configuration parame- ter for the pipe; loss-level L the probability above which packets are lost. This form is advised only for non- contiguous masks. How do I get dummyjet name of the currently executing script?

ipfw+dummynet network emulator

There are other papers of ours describing dummynet or parts of it, including the following the links are to draft copies: Proxy record an application that does not have proxy support. How do I stop images being requested from the server? This command does not change dumjynet packet if original MSS value is lower than specified value. How can I see a description of the errors generated during my test? How can I continue to enter my string when I have reached the line limit?



Our Mission As host of the pfSense open source firewall project, Netgate believes in enhancing network connectivity that maintains both security and privacy. It is not necessary that both pipes have the same configuration, so we can also simulate asymmetric links. Can I safely ignore the error “does not dummynrt ole32 function “xxxxxxxxxx”” when recording COM traffic?

Is there a Decrease Date function in SilkPerformer? Supressing images during record in Silk Performer.

Can Silk Performer be used to test an application’s adherence to web standards?