Z Serial port setup Fig 7. At that time, the record status indicator light will turn red Motion Detection Record Mode It will enable the system to detect image changes and begin to record by activating motion detection and motion alarm record. If click, users could copy the setting of this channel to any other selected channel Motion configuration Click icon and access to motion configuration interface as below: Users management Different users have different rights, user names and passwords, so as to ensure system security. Click and a pop-up window will appear; users can choose different preset or group set.

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Big Evr Holding Time The corresponding channel will be full screen when alarm triggered. Manual record By selecting this option, the relative camera image will be recorded and saved all the time. Please refer to the following figure. Multiple Channels playing back control The system default playing back mode are single and four channel.

Press return to the original settings.

Channel PCI DVR Card. Owner’s Manual. 650 Congress Park Dr Centerville, OH

It has an embedded More information. Here users can set schedules for it.

Click icon and brush on the weekday schedule to add time; click icon and click on the weekday schedule to delete time. Mail server setup Fig configuration 68 Fig 7.


In case users select preset1, preset2 and preset3 for group1, preset1, preset2 and preset3 will be automatically accessed in sequence after users select group1 for auto scout. Pre-Alarm Record Users can dt3004 whether to enable alarm pre-record and also pre-record time.

Open the PC s cover and plug the capture card into an empty.

Techwell TW+ driver – Techwell Video Drivers –

Then when restarting the computer system, it will access to the system with dv user name and dvd input in the boxes. Click and recover the original size. When users need to utilize P. Appendix How to set recycling record mode on the system Appendix How to set auto reboot function Appendix How to quickly use the schedule record function Appendix What are the byte rates for different image qualities from highest to normal?

Click Options and enters into advanced setting window. Data Port Data transmission port, dfr value is Command Port Control command port, default value is The software is running in the background, what kind of methods sound alarm or vibration tips that users want to be informed when an unusual occurs in remote site.

In case users need to change to other channels, then click of following channel configuration will appear, as below: In case, users use multiple cameras to record, every camera works separately and the record file also saved separately. Now, users can see a green box appears which shows the motion detection area. Remote Software User Manual V1.


General information Net Client is an application which provides users not only viewing and controling remote DVRs, but also receiving realtime event data or alarm signals. Users can set the output of motion detection alarm by different alarms and remote alarm.

The software supports auto-reboot. Focus Speed Set camera focus speed. The main area at the center gives details of the record files.

Audio in If users select the check box, Webcam will record audio when it records video. There are two alarms out options to choose from: Select Auto Show, in case of accident alarming, an alarming screen will pop out automatically and you can know about the alarming position rapidly. Select the suitable option, and click Next. Receiver dvf Address from: System requirement and executing environment Video Loss State When the indicator light color turns into red in row two, it means there is alarm output Tr3004 Record Mode Manual Record mode is the most commonly used record mode.