I have recently bought an hp. This eMachines Computer can take up to 2. Hard drives and an ocassional PCI modem I have replaced often. Gateway’s “Answers by Gateway” should be, I was told is , available to Emachines users. A weak power supply stressing regulator circuits and capacitors, overheating and the bad capacitor problem are all at work here. The eMachines W is designed for users who require maximum performance in a mainstream Computer.

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You will need a motherboard and a power supply.

To the best of my knowledge, they should be using substituted parts and is is BOTH components in the original machines that are faulty. They just replaced tehm at no cost. I have lost my faith in emachines, but may try to buy parts from ebay or somewhere and fix it, just a s a project to see if I can.

If you own an Emachine, read this now!

Emachije we get anyone with power problems like these we send out an engineer with a PSU and mobo automatically. I have had 2 Lenovo towers with the same problem!! We get hundreds of them a week typically, I book a dozen myself, and we have around a 1, call handlers. The configuration eMachines provides comes with a 2.


It is wonderful to see this lively debate rage on. Emachines w fact the MB showed a lot of leakage. Husband used his meter on a few fmachine, and there emachines w life there, but nothing is working, with exception of that little bitty d on the motherboard!

Next day it wouldn’t boot. Gateway is using and I assume purchased the line as entry level PCs.

Well, if the computer doesn’t boot up even with a new power supply, that’d be a good sign it’s the mobo that’s dead. Now, my T will be 3 in Feb. But in other ways they’re pretty good machines.

Begin typing your search term above and press enter to search. Or that Acers will now begin to fail at an alarming rate?

To me, it seems strange that it quit so suddenly, without a lot of problem. At least I have a good monitor! So, when the mobo goes up in a cloud of foul smelling, toxic smoke, just unplug the POS, yank out the volume drive, and stuff it in your new non-Emachines.

When I plug it in, I do see one green light on the MB, and an almost inaudible decreasing whine. It’s the high tech equivalent of the too long, too thin extension cord. They use decent value ram memory, good modems, very good ethernet cards, average hard drives, average cpu fans.


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I emailed the emachines support, emachines w they were little help. I came across several emachines dead after their warranty ealpsed. That arguement just does not hold up. Still the fact remains that Emachines provides line continuity from low to high price for Gateway, at least at the moment. I have personally diagnosed several dead Emachines.

I will find out for sure before I pay too much for repair! Already have an account? The eMachines W features two on-board data caches for transferring information to and from the processor. There nothing worse emachines w a dead computer, whether it is the cpu, hard drive, motherboard, powerunit or even the memory.

Now, here’s what really confuses me, most of the people on this site are computer “enthusiasts”, which is sort of a euphimism for somebody who’s not happy if their equipment is more than 6 months old. After all there is such a thing as depreciation.