Would appreciate and advice on what else I might try to get it to work!!! If they find me a card and began to develop his extraordinary, I would of course my criticism. I have a latency of 2ms. The only real positive is the PatchMix which is not bad at all. Yes, I do it again without buying the same hsitation. Eugene Gavrilov , Nov 12, I use Cubase to record my music.

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In my m, outputs work fine, but no inputs and without them I can not record. Nov 3, Messages: Finally, considering the price it is still terrible.

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And configuration is easy. I’m dual booting Win 7 and OSX hackintosh. Do you already have an account? I wonder about the reasons for all these very mad feedback about the quality of sound. Originally posted on FutureProducers.

The converters of high quality technical performance noise, crosstalk, THD I bought it because I only read great reviews especially on the quality of his sic. It can remove the edge but beware the imbalance that follows. Emu is good enough to slip us a ton of software that is a valid part of the demos a month but in addition they are super lightweight compared to full versions.


Besides offer me to install the latest drivers which has nothing changedno solution. Installation was easy, plug in both cards into pci slots and connect the ribbon cable between the two. Features are limited, but it is only a soundcard so what more could you want?

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I would say 10 tracks in cubase emy with compressor, EQ on each track and some reverbs, adpend use CPU An equalizer can not make up the treble and midrange screaming. Thanks for your support.

emmu Feb 9, Messages: Dec 7, Messages: Sort by most recent most useful. However, I am extremely skeptical of it I’ve also been surprised to find out that E-mu m is not supported on Mac I record with this card voice, bass and guitar. The only real positive is the PatchMix which is not bad at all. I ran all these commands with the MicroDock turned on and off.

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Which is not very practical is that the connection is not available trs derrire the PC, but it’s really good considering the price Chipot this card. The asio routing seems to be confusing to me. I don’t know what to do, either go back to Windows or buy a new card Frankly, I do not see the point, except for the purpose of marketing is to us an eyeful.


I bought this sound card to record my music and models to have a little fun at home. Dec 3, Messages: I spent days and no success. I had a great sound both in bass, midrange or treble. I think if I had Rasht a sound card, I’d take that in fact the What I emh but it’s the very least, these are the drivers that emy compatible with my hardware. Perfecto, not a bug or not as I can remember 122 Are they often put day?