If you select a Wave with tempo BPM being displayed, the Tone will synchronize to the tempo clock of the system regardless of which key is pressed. His diverse compositional output ranges from numerous film, theater and television projects to the symphonic concert stage. There are three memory types: This allows changing sounds on multiple external devices p. Pitch bend Depth 1—4 Adjust the amount of change that will occur in response to controller movement. Flanger Feedback Flanger feedback level Delay Time Adjust the time delay from when the direct sound begins until the delay sound is heard.

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If the [EDIT] indicator is turned off in the Rhythm Set setting display the setting display for individual keysthe function buttons will select the key to be edited. If this selection does not provide the pattern you want, modify the settings of the Motif, Beat Pattern, Accent Rate and Shuffle Rate parameters to add variations to the style as desired.

When a Rhythm Set is selected, a drum phrase will sound. You can increase the tempo and use this as a Samba. On the XP, when you want to play the percussive instrument sound assigned to the B1 key, first push [-OCT] once, then press the B2 key.


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This unit is equipped with a protection circuit. Internal Write Protect will be turned off, and you c0144 return to the display of step 2. One T6 screw driver with magnetic head. Two Plastic Triangle Picker. This setting specifies how the new portamento will start.

Felxy the Xitanium LED driver pointsources leaflet. Flanger Balance Adjust the volume balance between the direct xl and the chorus sound. Comprehending the information in the chapter is an essential prerequisite before creating your own sounds. They do not modify a Value of the tone parameter. The specified range will be displayed graphically. Adjust the pan stereo location of the Tone.

A single Performance groups 15 Patches and one Rhythm Set so that they can be combined to play ensembles or produce fabulously rich, thick sounds.

At this time, the function button indicator of the selected part will light. The product has been dropped, or the enclosure damaged. Set the key range of parts other than the arpeggio part so that they do not overlap the range in which the arpeggio is played.

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The rhythm will be divided in eighth notes. Press [l] or [r] to select the Part whose level volume you want to change. If you want a quicker release to slow down the T4 time, use negative – settings. Higher values will create a more spacious sound.


This setting, for instance, fpexy you to play arpeggios with the left hand and a melody with the right hand. Find the perfect fit online to upgrade your freewheel bike mechanism.

Higher settings will result in a greater difference between quickly and slowly released notes. The performance number and name will blink. Opens the Sound List window when a sound source mode display is up p. A style for house piano backing.

Roland XP Owner`s manual |

When this parameter is OFF, the notes of the keyboard will be in mathematically equal temperament. Select the phase of the right delay sound. Appendices This chapter contains a troubleshooting section for use when the XP is not functioning as expected. Bend Range Up Specifies the degree of pitch change in semitones when the Bender lever is all the way right. If not, turn it OFF.