I could kiss you! So your trying to compile Dscaler or btdrivers? Its prob no biggy since I don’t think I want to reinstall visualreality, when I can use deinterlacer now. I can understand that that adds price to the card but many “expensive” cards don’t have that built in as well. Verify that you can see all four camera inputs, one at a time, using this utility.

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TV Cards and Capture Devices Supported

Also did you use the btspy software that creates the text file? You have to be on the CVS because of such major changes daily. I really would like to know the difference and not just that the price makes it better.

Do you know a simpler method? Unfortunately it doesn’t work. Is bbtwincap me who is just dreaming this or can anybody confirm that there is a gain in quality?

In this case, I have a 4 channel card, hence the 4 video and 4 audio drivers: This is just MHO, if I am wrong and there is a good explanation for the prices please clue me geeneric. Uninstall both of them. Note that you cannot view more than one camera at a time with the application. I am going to PM him now! Reliable and not resource hungry as well.


This just happened a few days ago! I don’t have Windows ME here, so I fear you have to wait till tomorrow.

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How to apply color correction using the Gradie Retrieved from ” http: Personal tools Create account Log in. Thats a month newer version. Capturing raw or huffyuv. Thats how old the first 4. Your first post explained your problem well enough, no problems there. I was simply wondering if anyone with Windows 98 had created a a Custom card profile, using the btspy application and if so, were willing to share it with me.

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I fail to compile the CVS stuff because there is an optimization file staying empty at linking level: Now it’s time to properly install and configure the btwincap driver so that it will work with your capture card. And if you try high like teneric or x or x it give lot shattering frames. What does this mean? The market has changed since hardware multiplexers and tape rotations.


Chemajik, the executable is dated As soon as I start the capture, it gets the horizontal lines. The good news is I will contact the person who had input on that website and I will either post the website here once he gives it to me or perhaps he will post himself with that info.

Hopefully my hd isnt to slow Try driver updates, though. Multiple cards support, capture region choosable in dshow apps unfortunately no zoom as bt8x8s don’t support that. I suspect it has something to do with PCI bus mastering? When DMA was enabled on the hard drives, I got strange btwnicap. BrookTree BThow to tune tv?