Future versions will resolve this inconsistency. Now we are ready to query the space. Object Category This page describes an older version of the product. This is the default behavior of the write operation. Other parameters are optional.

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Options suggested for applications that can tolerate slow performance when performing destructive operations writeupdatetake. For that purpose the Projection API can be used where you can specify which attributes are of interest and the space will only populate these attributes with the actual data when the result is returned back to the user. By designating an attribute on the space class as a partitioning key, the space proxy will then know to which partition a particular instance of the space class belongs to.

With the following change operation example it is not necessary to read the object first from the space to update it. The template is a POJO of the desired entry type, and the attributes which are set on the template i.

In this case you perform remote operations both when interacting with the space and the database. Thereby, guaranteeing reading the data from the database and loading it into the space before the space is available for clients it perform initial load phase?

Future versions will resolve gihaspaces inconsistency. This can vastly improve the performance if you need to load many objects at once into the space.


Interacting with the Space

We will also demonstrate how you can improve your space search performance by using indexes and returning partial results. Object CatalogNumber, JavaType class java.

For more information see Indexing. The table name is case sensitive. Since the SQL support is limited, this path should be taken with caution. All client interaction is performed through this proxy.

The data from tables are loaded taking into account filters and projections. Mdbc load by implementing the DataProvider interface. When using the embedded loader – the ExternalDataSource interface should be implemented with its initialLoad method to return an implementation of the com. Template matching match by example is a simple way to query the space. With the space, I deploy also some Services.

So far this feature has been very popular with many of our accounts. If you need to change the index type of an attribute in a subclass you can override the attribute and annotate it with SpaceIndex using the requested index type to disable indexing use NONE.

Gigaspaces XAP forum requires javascript to work properly, please enable javascript in your browser, here is how. DataIterator that allows you to load into the space the relevant data set you want. Only properties with special roles like ID and Routing are part of the schema definition.

JDBC Driver

With large databasethis might take some time. Considering two join tables, the larger table is used as the probe table, while the smaller is used as the jsbc table. This will make sure the database activity would not increase the rego log size within the space to store large amount of space events that will cause slow space performance space send its activities in async mode to the database via the mirror. This will gigaspacss you to create more sufficient queries. A query processor transparently translates SQL queries into legal space operations.


For more information about indexing, refer to the Indexing section. These could be a Map type fields or user defined data type fields within the Space object.

JDBC Query on subspace space – Gigaspaces XAP forum

Initially, We would be more interested in reading from a database into a spacethan writing to one; in other words, a WorldLoaderService. To improve performance, it is possible to index one or more attributes for an object. Matching a nested attribute is done by specifying a Path which describes how to obtain its value.

Powered by Askbot version 0. It allows database-driven applications gigaspaves interact with the Space via SQL read jvbc.