The Silicon Image the chip powering your ExpressCard driver assumes it will get a bit address so when it gets this address in the bit range, it has no idea what to do with it. So I powered off the OWC card and hooked my external drive up using usb2 like before and started re-downloading the same files that gave me crc errors and what do you know, all the files where good. I copied both files to 10 different locations on the external and fully verified each file. I’ll have to put them to sleep and see what happens I plugged in the card, which worked just fine. And with a fresh install of Leopard updated to But when I booted back up to my main drive it no longer worked.

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If you go that route, or some other let us know what works or doesn’t.

MacBook Pro eSATA options with ExpressCard/34 Slot

Thanks for the tip! Or there’s some issue with the driver we don’t know of yet – and IIRC the 1. It seems that this particular card only has problems when there is 4gb of ram present as I had no problems until the upgrade.

No kernel panics at all, in fact very impressed all round, seems a bit more responsive than FW About incompatible software updated again today Troubleshooting “inconsistency” or “your need to replace your data on MobileMe” alerts when syncing data added znow Even ONE failure out of is too many of course. Will have to see if this crops up as a problem with other people. I think it’s not fault of the adapter because this works perfectly with the previous version of Macbook Pros before “late “s macs and I think it’s not only a issue with my macbook because I tried in another macbook pro “late ” and it doesn’t recognize the adapter also this one got no kernel panic.


I never owned one of these cards and didn’t know if they were even firmware upgradeable. Again if you power down card- it needs a reboot to see drives again.

Snow Leopard Incompatibility With Many eSATA Cards : Apple Final Cut Pro Legacy

MobileMe syncs and shows registered machines, mail works and doesn’t forget passwords, and keychain no longer tells me I don’t have the right to see my information.

However I transferred a Be careful that there are 3 files in the folder, you must use the file prefixed by “r” if your card is a Raid 5 one, or the file prefixed by “b” if your card grifin a base one.

A new drive formatted from an intel-based mac should default to GUID. PICT file format does not work in bit mode. Cheers, Jan” Thanks Jan. I’m sure apple had many reports via their loepard feedback forms about this, so I’m surprised it’s griffih been fixed already. If the MBP can in fact, being booted from Return to Accelerate Your Mac!

I also did a disk utility snoww and partition to create one partition and it failed again. He said typically MB per second is good for RAID 5 on the two port card, but could be more like – MB per second with the four-port, just in the way they handle the data differently.


Both have worked fine with OS Cloning, booting copying etc happens quite a bit faster than Firewirethe speed increase is quite substantial.

E sata card for MacBook Pro

There have been 3 kernel panics which had to be remedied by holding the power button down for six exprexscard. See my updated notes on OS X The support of Silicon Image gives no detail about it. I’ll keep doing tests with it, but this is the longest period without problems, so I can assume it’s solved downloading the proper base driver from Silicon Image, which is pretty outdated by the way: Firmtek had said they’re working on updated drivers gritfin their based cards, but no word officially that Silicon Image is.

I’ll check the drivers as well, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll call AppleCare about the issue.

Silicon Image eSATA driver update for Lion?

Don’t buy it, or anything else with a J Micron chip for your Unibody. But often I am not there and use an fast portable disk via eSata card. I hope this information helps. Email me if you have leppard questions. I’ll get back in touch once I’ve tested booting and benchmarked the performance.

I’ve installed it and had a wee look.