However, if you obtained a version With this option set, Intellisync Mobile Suite uses default keys if the client does not have the most recent server key. Type the name of the computer acting as the proxy. Evaluation licenses expire, but production licenses do not. Usually, all server names are the same, but in some advanced configurations, the server names might be different from each other. Specify the location to store the client deployment packages.

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Communications Tab Network Connection: If you use the Windows Control Panel to modify the ODBC data source, goupwise if you change the login name and password in the database, you must also modify the Database Connection properties in the Intellisync Mobile Suite control.

That is, devices running older versions of client software cannot connect. Due to contractual restrictions, effective Sep, HiT drivers are not available to new customers of version Specify the location to store the Mobile Gateway message store data.

By using this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Rules of Participation. Use default of Use the Server Key tab to enable Server Key Exchange, a security feature that exchanges a unique key between the server and the clients.


Select this option to allow the system to discover, authenticate, and add devices that are not in the ofbc. However after doing this and succesfully testing the connection through odbcad Type the port number for the proxy server.

User discovery is a feature whereby users are recognized and have user accounts created for them when they connect to the server grokpwise the first time.

After deciding what type of data source you want, you will need to add it. Application Designer, APM, etc.

Installing and Configuring ODBC/ LITE Drivers

Allow devices to be discovered and created at connect time: Allow older versions of the client to exchange keys: However, if you obtained a version The maintenance service completes by restarting the server.

A System data source is available to all users on this machine, including NT services. I have specified Name, description, Engine of course. Socket Timeout Value sec: Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Type the name of the SMTP server. Type the password for the proxy server user ID. To do this, perform the following steps: You can add a special code that users must enter to complete the key exchange.


ODBC Driver for eDirectory

Select this location to have all data stored in a single directory with each subsystem having its own subdirectory. Effective Julytime-limited trial evaluation drivers are no longer available. Create a new data source as described above.

From the Tools menu, groupwisse the Advanced configuration. The permissions granted in this Agreement will apply to each subsequent Reflection 14 point release you receive as groupwixe upgrade prior to the Freeze Date.

Type the login name for the current ODBC data source.

HiT ODBC Drivers and Reflection for IBM

Database Connection The Intellisync Mobile Suite control stores information about users, groups, publications, and so forth, in a database. Secure the Administration Console: Grkupwise ODBC provides a way for you to run a self-test on your data source to make sure it is configured properly.

Not able to open am client. Due to contractual restrictions, as of Jan, the drivers are no longer available from Attachmate.