Freescale Semiconductor Data Sheet: All channels are 10 k? The package has channels. The value of that higher spike in current depends on the board power supply circuitry and the amount of board level capacitance. As a general rule, the value obtained on a single-layer board is within the normal range for the tightly packed printed circuit board.

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VPP can drop to 3.


The junction-to-case thermal resistance describes when using a heat sink or where a substantial amount of heat is dissipated from the top of the package. JC is device related and is not affected by other factors. F, and one 1? Units Voltage differential during power A more accurate two-resistor thermal model can be constructed from the junction-to-board thermal resistance and the junction-to-case thermal resistance. During initial power ramp-up, when Vstby is 0.

The value of that higher spike in current depends on the board power supply circuitry and the amount of board level capacitance. Microcontroller Division This document provides electrical specifications, pin assignments, and package diagrams for the MPC microcontroller device.


Second to last paragraph: Write code that avoids this condition. Page of 58 Go.

Currents apply to output pins only. VDD must have a 20?

The actual minimum SCK cycle time is limited by pad performance. DSPI timing is specified at: Unit H7fq 7 tCIS There is no minimum read frequency condition. The thermal resistance is expressed as the sum of a junction-to-case thermal resistance plus a case-to-ambient thermal resistance: Using fewer vias to connect the package to the planes reduces the thermal performance.

Refer to Section 3. The junction-to-board thermal resistance describes the thermal performance when most of the heat is conducted to the printed circuit board.

The output pin current can be calculated from Table 10 based on the voltage, frequency, and load on the pin.

JT to determine the junction temperature by measuring the temperature at the top center of the package case using the following equation: The fastest accesses are to the kilobytes KB unified cache.

Freescale Semiconductor Evaluation Board for MPC5500 Series MPC5554EVBE MPC5554EVBE Data Sheet

Power dissipated by adjacent components Connect all the ground and power balls to the respective planes with one via per ball. To calculate the output delay with respect to the system clock, add a maximum of one system clock to the output delay. Figure 2 shows an approximate interpolation of the ISTBY worst-case specification to estimate values at different voltages flahs temperatures. Device failure is defined as: Unit 27a Operating Current 1.


VDDEH — — 0.

Place a small amount of epoxy on the thermocouple junction and approximately 1 mm of wire extending from the junction. Speed is the nominal maximum frequency. See the signals chapter in the device reference manual for the signal muxing.

Ensure the application board is similar to the thermal test condition, with the component soldered to a board with internal planes.