Auto ignition probe is a kind of inductive capacitance sensor, it must match with an oscilloscope. Waveform average, persistence, intensity, invert, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, X-Y plot. This is invaluable as it allows you to examine the images later and compare them with waveforms recorded under different circumstances. All these markers can be clicked on with the mouse and dragged to new positions. I know that we cannot expect everyone in the world to speak English but if they want to be successful in English speaking markets they should provide better support in that language. Base USB Scope 7.

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Qingdao Hantek Electronic Co., Ltd.

You need to start the software, wait for it to load, make space on your screen, etc. What Does It Do? I have not tested all the specs but dsl-2090 seems to meet the important ones like bandwidth, sample speed, etc. The green lettering near the bottom of the screen show that channel 1 has an amplitude of 1.

Auto Power Adapter HT The external multimeter socket offer a quick and easy solution, where a permanent connection is not required. The good features of the oscilloscope are that it does what it says that it does and it is very good value for money.

You can read the manual to get a detailed idea of what it does and how it works. In the top centre you can see a graphic which shows the displayed section of the waveform in relation to the whole waveform stored in memory.


On the left hand side the green and yellow markers represent the zero voltage points for channel 1 and 2.

This breakout lead is easy to take voltage readings from numerous sensors in vehicle engine compartment. On the right in purple you can see that the trigger was set for a falling edge on the external trigger input and the trigger level was —mV.

On Sample Speed and Memory Depth One issue that seems to be common amongst digital oscilloscope manufacturers is that they quote a sample speed and memory depth in their specifications but you cannot get both at the same time.

New Hantek 40MHz PC Based USB Oscilloscope – DSO

Support is another negative for this device. In the end I bought myself a proper digital oscilloscope—with knobs that I could twist, startup in a few seconds and a built in display the Rigol DS Series Oscilloscope. The dsk-2090 lines on the screen are cursors which can be dragged into position—at the very bottom their values are displayed, in this case the frequency is about On Sample Speed and Memory Depth.

Power your oscilloscopes and other electronic devices through your vehicle’s Winndows outlet with this power adapter. After all, this is what a digital oscilloscope with a large memory depth should be about.

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Mini Test Hook HT One of the problems that I had at the time I was purchasing was that there were few reviews of it, so this article is intended to help correct that. I admit that this is an unfair complaint as most digital oscilloscopes have this noise but their small screens generally do not show it. Driver dso usb driver 1 driver download how to install: I also found that with a USB oscilloscope you cannot just flick a switch to fire it up.


The HT has been designed to allow fuel injector and primary ignition waveforms to be measured using Hantek oscilloscopes. Acupuncture Probe Set HT This screen shot is from the software running in demo mode not connected to the oscilloscope. Also, for what it is worth, you can find the manufacturers website here.

Overview Parameters Comparison Accessories Download. To avoid injury keep the probe away from moving parts, such as the alternator drive belt and cooling fans.

So just click upper link to Hantek. On the main screen you can see the orange marker at the top indicating the trigger point.

DSO2000 Series

The T probe is designed as a strong, flexible and reliable part for the oscilloscope according to the human body function. The DSO also practices this deception. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.