Is the cable one on the left going from the power button to the motherboard also passing sound? First, great work with the instructions!! I slide the switch into open position if possible. I am having problems getting to the cooling fan and removing it. First of all, check memory modules. Ok thaks so I decided to order artic silver 5 with their 1 and 2 step bottles as well.

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I use Seatools utility from Seagate site for testing hard drive.

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv, dv, dv, dv – Inside my laptop

I read it all and before dissasembling my laptop dv670 to consult a tech first. I followed your instructions to disassemble a Pavilion dv, I dismounted to remove dust. Any ideas what can be causing this problem? Buy a can of compressed air and blow it into the fan grill on the button.

How do I know what motherboard to buy? Here are some things I have learned that may or may not be of use to you. I hope to solve. Look at your card. So I cooked it at for 8 minutes like it seems most people on the web did in my situation.


I have a question, mi dv is dead, when I connect the ac power, I just get a very tiny flash of the blue led arround the power conector like a fraction of a second and nothing else i alrready checked the power supply and it is fine. Any advice on repairing it is appreciated since I would love to play it in bed and read books and comics and play games.

Some fidgeting got it in there eventually, although no idea how it happened. I am very gently to this fragile components.

It worked at one point but now when I place a dvd in the drive nothing happens. I am sending you a thank you donation! Can you help me please.

Remove the screen bezel as it shown here: I read through your very well written step-by-step procedures and it was a breeze! Then I procedded to force boot the laptop because it would keep rebooting itself always trying to read something from said port. Proceed on your own risk. I have a hp dv lap top. So I ask for your opinion: The cables in step 9 were frayed, but I fixed this by sanding one down.

Hi, I have a dvea.

Took apart my DV, baked the mobo to re-flow, laptop video working again perfectly! Probably loose or damaged webcam cable. I just looked at the official service manual for dv No, chjpset cannot access it just by removing screws on the back.


HP Pavilion dv6700

I will have to try again and give you the actual error message. What did you try to do? I now train the torch on the chip and slowly heat it up to the required temperature of degrees to remelt all the solder underneath it.

So why do I get these 3 variants although i never do anything different when i turn my laptop on? I followed your steps to disassamble the notebook, because i thought it might be a bad soulder-spot around the power-input or a broken lead to the mainboard.

I have my HP Pavilion dv Took me swapping the memory in each slot to get the computer to power back on regularly. I am having a problem at step