The key multimedia application for PDA. Before I tested them I didn’t expect anything extraordinary from them. In addition to this, there are several Linux distributions that will also operate on some of these devices. Removable, rechargeable Lithium-Ion mAh. The junior modification HP iPaq rx is in fact not larger than the iPaq in a large shell with new operating system, it lacks a camera, a capacious battery and a cradle. A feature in Linux Magazine in , described the iPAQ as a “highly promising platform” and depicted it running Pocket Linux , [1] shown in summer

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HP iPAQ h Full Review

Well, the top does, but not the bottom. In the review we forgot to mention that the model is made by the Taiwanese company HTC. It’s good that the case is supplied, but later you’d better get an ergonomic case. The potential of iPaq Mobile Media might have been much interesting, unveiling the full opportunities of Wi-Fi home usage.

Notice that the shortcut buttons are right next to each other and that the dialpad is round. Others 4510 have no use for it and simply see it as a cumbersome, unnecessary h; at the bottom of an otherwise terrific iPAQ. The connection with a H access point is constantly broken and resumed in 30 seconds check with several handhelds from different lots with different access points.

Given global expansion of Wi-Fi this segmentation looks justified. You can read about standard programs of this OS in the respective review. Interface The main peculiarity of this handheld is Wi-Fi, at the same time there is no Bluetooth module.


We hope, soon there would appear new software version for the model, which would solve the problem. This is the right way — in its time the iPaq was one of the best.

HP iPAQ h4150 Full Review

The h weighs 4. Bill Hewlett David Packard.

That said, the extra length caused by the keyboard does require some getting used to. Retrieved February 13, So just as we were done marveling over the two significantly upgraded Series models, HP called with more news: See the examples of the photos: The h’s display is crisp and white, and definitely a good notch better than that of the h Like the Series and most other new Pocket PCs, the doesn’t have a rocker control on its side.

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iPAQ – Wikipedia

And there is nothing at the right side. You can access all necessary profiles except for the voice one switch it on from the log. The Bluetooth connection wizard is very simple to use, it is exactly the same program as that included with the iPAQ h device.

Support for handwriting recognition, on-screen keyboard, bluetoothIrDA and add-on hardware such as keyboards are standard in both environments. The H was succeeded by the H and H, which retained the same form factor, but had a different button layout. It doesn’t impact readability, but it’s one of those things where every time you turn the device on you say to yourself, “Why is it so yellow?


What did HP modify to make the handheld less expensive?

It can run backups on the schedule, store the data of the organizer in the iPaq file Store. Now that we’ve looked at the similarities between the two new iPAQs, what sets these wonderful new devices apart? Already now it’s somehow difficult to draw the line between the mid-range and the multimedia class too many features in commonin time it will be more complicated, as the trend suggests megapixel cameras for the PDA market.

To take out the PDA from the case you should make an effort, during this process you can accidentally press the camera button.

The key multimedia application for PDA. That’s a very big difference.

This makes the look and feel like no other iPAQ before. Ipzq following the market changes and the extension of the model line there emerged 3 distinct classes: The iPaq rx’s strongest suit is its extremely long battery life, two wireless adapters and good performance.