Status changed to Confirmed. Actually my download speed has improved even compared to when the wireless card was driving properly, i’ll look into hwscan to try and understand what’s behind it. On my Ubunt I thought since Lubuntu is basically Ubuntu with a different “wrapper”.. This happened several times over a week or two, and I’d had enough when it happened twice in one day. Installed on 29 days ago InstallationMedia:

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Mon Sep 26 No more speed drops since then. I bypassed the checkinstall step as well because I wanted to keep this longwinded setup as short as possible.

How to install Intel PRO ipw3945 wireless drivers

I tried a bunch of fixes around the community but nothing helped. Intel Corporation Device [ In case it is relevant, here 3954 my. I am currently on Or for a more involved, probably more correct, way to get the SysTray Icon to show up, follow the steps here:.


This bug should be nominated to oneiric. This driver works well on Lucid.

IntelĀ® PRO/Wireless ABG Driver for Linux

If so, could you please test for this with the latest development release of Ubuntu? Not sure about older releases.

I kind of gave up and accepted that I would have to wait for an official patch so that was that.

It’s now happening multiple times a day, meaning the laptop needs to be connected via ethernet for it to be reliable. Ubuntu precise development branch Release: More or less its ok. You will also get more eyeballs looking at your problem as well. Country alpha2 being used: The “Won’t Fix” status didn’t make me happy neither It remains in “connecting” state for long time then ask for WEP password again, same password, saved before.

But after applying the fix I started to have problems with Ubuntu freezing occasionally.

HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCardsIntel – Community Help Wiki

If you still have error messages after making any changes then it would be best to start a new forum thread on either http: ISO CD images are available from http: Reboot and log back in. It showed up as wlan0 and worked fine, so I just went back to my hard drive installation and undid all the things I ingel when I tried the ipw driver. Here are my system details, lspci -vnn grep -A3 Wireless 0c: Is it possible to use this guide on Ubuntu Sorry to barge in the Ubuntu bug reports, but i had to say thanks.


You can frequently find people on IRC channel ipw on irc. I’ve been having the same issue for a number of intep now, not fixed on the upgrade to I used an online forum to help me compile the ipw driver similar to the directions above but instead uses checkinstall to make a debian package for easy install and removal.

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