A full software buy from Intrepid is less than a software update from Vector. However for a large section of smaller companies, professionals, individuals and students, minimum features are sufficient. Higher rates mean more bandwidth and faster interaction, which is usually used for smaller time-critical networks. Trackpad does not work under Windows 8 Pro on the macbook pro using Bootcamp 4. Software from Intrepid is not as intuitive as Vector but a lot less pricey. Their cheapest logger costs EUR with free shipping. Also, it took Apple 3 months to release Windows 7 compatible drivers.

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Dec 3, 8: Intrepid USB2 based interfaces work now.

Dec 3, 5: Vector in flawless in almost all the way but price. Is anyone using a device that uses the FTDI chips? Fortunately quite a few low cost CAN Monitor tools are now available in the market which just fit the budget and also meet the requirements.

User valhecan for user: It comes as hardware and software package. Ask a question Reset. Posted on Oct 17, 4: Though Vector SW has more features than Intrepid, and other options I mentioned, we have largely found that developers and testers use a very small subset of what us consumers pay for. I also cannot run the Windows Experience Index. Windows 7 works, Windows 8 – I just don’t get it.


So good but so expensive…. Jeff Pynnonen Jeff Pynnonen. They do offer higher end software, with various options as well, but they are fairly costly.

Affordable CAN Bus Tools that Won’t Break the Bank

Their email support was excellent. I wanted to avoid Windows 8. I might be a bit biased as we are a reseller, but they are very robust, have a good API to develop your own applications and a free software, CAN King, for basic monitoring of CAN messages. Don’t be surprised if it takes at least that long for Windows 8. Another minus is the software robustness to bus failures short circuits, open, ….

Yes, the capabilities they offer are very wide, and the reading of a test report is as easy as how smart the automatic test has been implemented with the CAPL browser. And Yes, I hate Windows 8 Pro.

You can buy it in the U. Trackpad does not work under Windows 8 Pro on the macbook pro using Bootcamp 4. Software from Intrepid is not as intuitive as Vector but a lot less pricey.

Intrepid Control Systems » ValueCAN 4

Though there are many firms that have made good use of CANoe, the fact that the CANoe programming language is proprietary and very low-level, makes it inefficient for many testing applications. I have also call Apple for support, but they claim that this is not their problem to solve. The CANUSB can utilize of virtual COM port driver, so that it appears to your system as a standard serial port, which can make it trivial to write your own tools or test rigs. Programming features of a node in collaboration with bus monitoring and simple and intuitive programming language, timings, … is superb.


Another pitfall of the ValueCAN is that the software and driver are only available for the Windows platform.

Apple TV Speciality level out of ten: Are other having problems with USB 2. So, Thanks for the feedback! Their cheapest logger costs EUR with free shipping. Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too.