For my Nvidia gfx-card, the gain of performance and stability is better with the proprietary driver, I use the last nvidia-update proposed. W4RL0CK 04 may , There is some good news, though: Tairony 30 april , I’ve heard the driver to display the micro picture is now part of the kernel.

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Wacom Intuos 4 run ‘out-of-box’ in Ubuntu and Linux Mint distro, but a lot of little things are still hard for end users: The usual rule of thumb is to wait a month after the release to get a stable version. Maybe in one year or two, Plasma5 will catchup with the level of comfort I knew Plasma4 had.

P sudo add-apt-repository ppa: Intuo4 you’re a photographer, artist, designer, professional or a creative hobbyist, the Wacom Intuos4 Medium is a well deserved tool.

Wacom uses a driver-internal button mapping, where any physical button appears to the X server as the button specified by the ButtonM mapping. Just be aware that installing ontuos4 from The Linux Wacom Project will require you to remove the existing linuxwacom package if your distribution has already installed one for you. The ExpressKey and Touch Ring are a little more tricky to get working though. I have no way to test, though, because I don’t use Ubuntu anywhere.

I hope can your help me, please. It only configures the stylus but there inruos4 already more hooks in the gnome-settings-daemon so no reason the capabilities can’t be expanded.


It’s better to find a distro with a healthy community, and with developers able to fix upstream in it. I also like the text-editor Atom, especially for the markdown color syntax highlight as I store many document in markdown: I ubunntu to Cinnamon 3. The other softwares I need to work I saw here at your post that they are ok — we use both almost the same ones.

Wacom Intuos4 (Medium) Review | Linuxlookup

If you feel this distribution must be done and you are ready to create or maintain one with website, questions, etc I’ve grown to love the desktop environment but cannot find any way to get my Cintiq working correctly in it. Serial tablets only need this driver. For testing I tired the Wacom Intuos4 on both Ubuntu 9. USB tablet support is available on some Linux platforms and requires the wacom kernel driver being loaded before this driver starts.

You are absolutely right. Now I’m in Natty and I’d like to get my tablet to optimal performance, what is the best series of drivers to install?

You can also found on my blog an article about Linux Mint 11 installation that contain all you need to know about xsetwacom. You can also do it with the last wacom driver and nvidia twinview ; with xsetwacom: I have deduced that a word was missing from the lines of your code, and I have changed cut -d ” -f by cut -d ” -fand now works without errors!


Click the red ‘target’ with your stylusbe precisetry to adopt at this moment your default position for drawing in front the Cintiq. If you have two monitors and a nvidia proprietary gfx driver, you can tell to xsetwacom to limit the action of the tablet to a single ‘HEAD’ monitor.

Wacom Intuos4 (Medium) Review

Gimp Graphics Intuos4 Tablet Wacom. They were related to the graphic-card driver I use nvidia-proprietary. Here is how I setup it:.

Most of my stuff is published to a pdf then sent to a print shop. So, there is bug ; bug everywhere.

Ubuntu for my digital painting workstation – David Revoy

The ubntu options, such as “SendCoreEvents” or “AlwaysCore”, are unnecessary in Gimp if you don’t need to move system cursor outside of Gimp drawing area. It also changed the order of the button mappings. Poll My distribution is:. But it seems worth trying to get fixed.