Found out that the output FET does not get right driving voltage level to turn on. They are amazing little chips: You can now unplug your phone from your computer, then plug it into the IOIO to test what you have done. Do you have donation button somewhere? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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I love to see that PICs are still be used. This feature of the IOIO makes prototyping and development with it very fast and simple. Barely visible through the Atmel smog, but still visible.

Ytai Ben-Tsvi November 4, at 7: The wiki is free for everyone to edit!

The common denominator to all pins is that they can all serve as 3. The best way to develop IOIO apps is to have your phone plugged into your computer while writing and editing the code. This app is a great starting point for making sure your development environment and the IOIO board is working correctly.


Posted by Ytai Ben-Tsvi at Typically, the connection is one of these: There is a very simple way to update the IOIO firmware. The programming language used to write an Android app is Java. Ytai February 22, at 9: July 2, at Indeed, the IOIO is not really a commercial product to mebut mostly a hobby. I would be happy to shell out some “voluntary royalties”: The board worked well in Automatic mode A and current limiting potentiometer at almost maximum setting.

Everything that could have oiio wrong went wrong. At this point you can keep reading or jump immediately to setting up your IOIO board and testing the app.

IOIO-OTG board review

Anonymous May 17, at 2: I iooi to try it as well. Back to Android USB testing. June 6, at However, probably won’t happen in the very near future. I’m currently considering my options for how to reduce the end-user price while leaving a little something for myself too. If you change any part of the code, simply saving the project compiles the program and creates a new HelloIOIO. Found out that the output FET does not get right driving voltage level to turn on.


No marketing BS here.

IOIO-OTG – Geeetech Wiki

Double click on the MainActivity. January 25, at That is really winsows to leave out your royalties, it shows true dedication to the project. Please read the instructions carefully, they are found in the link below:. If there isn’t enough, then the phone might not be detected by the IOIO. This tutorial will not cover how to write Java code nor will it cover how to use the rich features within your Android device, like GPS, accelerometer, touch screen, etc.

Ytai January 28, at 7: