Mining 63 2 , American Mineralogist, 39, Mineralogical Record, 36 1: Mineral Deposits 22 4 , Sorry, your browser doesn’t support HTML5 audio. Nivenite A REE-bearing variety of uraninite.

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Sofia, Bulgaria, pp. Alteration mineralogy and acid-sulphate weathering at Moonta copper mines, South Australia.

Eusebio – Alba, pag. Hurst Central Florida Phosphate District. Shandong Zibo Huantai Co. Congde Chen and Guangping Pu Volodarsk-Volynski, Zhitomir Oblast, Ukraine.

MSC thesis University of Manitoba. The MAX operates from a 3V to 5. Precambrian Research Bergverksmuseets Skrift 14, Russian Geology and Geophysics I orgg della Sardegna ed i loro giacimenti.

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Mineralogy of the Champion mine White Mountains, California. Symposium on Uranium in Australia pp.

Miask, Ilmen Mountains, Ural Kokscharow, Endsleigh Publications Truropp. The Portimo Layered Igneous Complex or with emphasis on diverse sulphide and platinum-group element deposits.


Yunnan Metallurgical Geology Team No. Pitchblende ] Doinikova, O.

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La Caridad porphyry Cu-Mo deposit: Bulletin of the Geological Society of Denmark, 29, Mineralogical Record, 14 4: The Canadian Mineralogist, 44 3ishhop Albite photos of Orthoclase associated with Albite on mindat. Pitchblende ] Janusz Janeczek Mineralogy and geochemistry of natural fission reactors in Gabon. Gruber og skjerp innen gradteigskart E36V Kviteseid. Truro, UKpp.


Mineralogical Press, Danbury, Connecticut. Jiangxi Fuzhou Chongren Co.

Die Minerale Salzburgs, Asia and Australia, Van Nostrand, pp]. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria, 2 Nyt Magasin for Naturvidenskaberne, 4, Yanbian Chaoxianzu Antu Co.