When rebooting the device, the changes are still valid. They have dual Ethernet ports for redundant design. If a network environment simply needed a RS interface, JetPort is the handy solution with easy-to-use management methods, the serial speed can support as high as If the access is open to all hosts, do NOT enable this function. JetPort as TCP Server waits passively to be contacted by the host computer, allowing the host computer to establish a connection and get data from the serial device.

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Click next to confirm the setup and the IP configuration is finished, you will see the IP addresses for the devices. Confirm the firmware upgrade and continue operation. Installation and Troubleshooting Guide. Serial Settings The available serial settings for JetPort is as follows: The PSK is a passphrase passwordeach client must enter a passphrase to access the network, the security depends on the strength of the passphrase. When RI Ring Indicator signal changes, indicating korenox incoming of a call, the event will be triggered.

JetPort 5201 Overview

Add Wireless related configuration. To update Firmware of the device, save the firmware file in your host PC.


This product can be set up using any current web browser, i. Be sure to define the Report Interval time. Zero means disable factory korneix. The data will be hold until the delimiters are received or the optional Flush Ethernet to Serial data buffer times out.

Correct Wireless Security Description.

JetPort Commander Manual 使用说明_百度文库

JetPort as TCP Server waits passively to be contacted by the host computer, allowing the host computer to establish a connection and get data from the serial device. In the interest of higher quality and value, Panduit products are continually. If you assign password, you will need to give password every time when you access JetPort Commander User s Manual 6.

When serial port stops data transmission for a defined period korehix time Idle Timeout korenx, the connection will be closed and the port will be freed for other hosts.

JetPort Commander is an easy-to-use utility for Windows that covers all management, monitoring, and control 2501 for one or many JetPort servers. The serial speed can be as high as With the event warning, administrator will be notified if there is a change of the status on the field, thus, take the corresponding action within a short time. Please check Disk utility section in this manual. When the installation is finished, there are three options: When DSR Data Set Ready signal changes, indicating that the data communication equipment is jetpory off, the event will be triggered.


JetPort Series Industrial Secured Serial Device Server

Assign the target receivers IP address. Always save your configurations to validate the changes with jftport options. The change will be applied and saved in Flash. Select the available port number to map to. No part of More information.

Korenix JetPort Commander – Windows Utility of JetPort Serial Device Server. User s Manual – PDF

Retrieve saved configuration file to apply in the device. The events for notification include: Apply and Save the changes. They have dual Ethernet ports for redundant design. The right to make changes in this Installation Guide is reserved.

TCP Server mode jetpport up to 5 simultaneous connections, so that max. Type the target IP or IP subnet you want access. For internet FTP usage, More koreinx. Sprint and the logo are trademarks of Sprint.