Very happy for our success. The computer will reboot and Windows XP will start. It could be done it a couple of minutes. Can someone point me to the correct file, location or info I need to find it? The zip file is just a driver, but the exe loaded several other files on my system. Anybody willing or able to give this a try?! Identifying if it’s this, or something else, will be your greatest challenge.

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I’m running XP which I migrated from a fresh install on my old HDD and turned off paging, indexing, prefetch, hibernation and made sure there was no scheduled defrag, all seems well. If I install it now and activate TurboDrive, it will crash me during boot, claiming hardware anci.

Thinkpad SATA 1.5GB/s limitation (with SSD)

Log in or Sign up. ThinkPad E – Underrated gem! I don’t lenovoo with the philosophy of inconveniencing oneself so that one’s precious hardware has a chance to live a little longer. Which this intel matrix storage driver doesn’t like apparently, so this conflicts with Windows update effectively breaking it.


That advice stems from or so when the existing affordable SSDs generally sucked.

Because “if” the standard windows driver performs just as well then my problem is solved. In addition I did align the partition and it seems fine. Register Sign In Help.

In that case switch back to current mode and carry on. MarkoDMay 31, Best encryption solution for current gen Thinkpads?

Thinkpad SATA GB/s limitation (with SSD) | Page 5 | NotebookReview

I learnt that X has 2 slots for M. Very happy for our success. Please do NOT send private messages since I won’t be able to read them.

So yes, leave them enabled. ChrisK15May 25, I’ve read in places that the solution for them was to update their driver to Intel’s newer RST. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.

Experiment to see if steps 2 and 5 are required noting datasheet says step 4 may result in undefined behaviour if step 2 not used. And after this is a rather old system I just use it as my music server nowI t6 not have too much hope to find a fix for it. Thanks for the 2 cents. I am faced with a perplexing situation that needs to be solved, and hence, I am seeking assistance to resolve ReneeMay 24, I’v hade the exact elnovo problem.


Yes, my password is: ThinkPad E – Underrated gem!

ThinkPad T61P AHCI Question

It could be done it a couple of minutes. Thinkpad T61 widescreen intel grapics.

The system seems slower, Windows Update gives an error message that I have never seen before, some web sites will not load. I was having the same problem and was already looking for a solution on the internet for lenoovo while. It hasn’t proven a real problem, but I would like to run the machine at its full capability, and having to run in compatibility ruins that for me: Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone I’m running XP which I migrated from a fresh install on my old HDD and turned off paging, indexing, prefetch, hibernation.

My T61P says this mate. Windows 7 Ultimate bit HDD: