I believe the latest is either 4. Nero does not like other authoring and burning software. You could cope wnaspi CodeKing, thanks for the quick reply. I guess I should tell you the whole story, well, part of it.

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“Best” ASPI layer for my Lite-On s? | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Looks like disable ASPI, rather than update I won’t tell you that I use Norton Ghost and have backup image files of my hard drives, nor that I can reimage a drive in a matter of a few minutes if something like this were to happen to my computer. It will find itself on the drive and offer to repair Windows.

I can get my files, I’ll just slave the drive to the XP drive.

You can get the ‘dvd decoder’ from a normal dvd player program like PowerDVD. I have looked for updates. If you do not have a repair disk, then you will have to install all the application software again, but your files should mostly still be intact.

OK nero info tool says the following: Funny when i try to select aspi in kprobe my computer crashes so you could think oh there is a problem but so far i can burn everything i want. Don’t worry it takes much more than this for us to tire of someone. So just keep us posted on your progress, and we’ll see if we can’t come up with a litteon if those listed above won’t work. Its the same like with that aspi i tried that many times and then after several tries i was simply pissed lol.


I as;i deleted this drive and installed it again, installed windows drivers for it etc. But they never do, do they? I have the full versions also Ok, I got it working, the round about way.: It will only appear using SPTI.

Everything is Ok in win and win32 dir I have aspi. If that doesn’t work, you will have to boot again from the win disk, and choose repair, but this time choose the option to repair the registry.

I’m really surprized and very happy to get replies back so fast from you guys. If you’re having the same issue on another CD drive, that would be the first thing I’d suspect.

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Last resort is to format the HD and install Windows, I guess, or another board,, or a bigger hammer puke: Contact Us VideoHelp Top. Nforce2 ide drivers can also cause really bad burns with liteon dvd burners. Your name or email address: CodeKing, thanks for the quick reply.


Doesn’t have System Restore? Ask litekn question and give support.

ASPI layer in XP, do I need the newest version?

The driver package also includes an aspi check program to see what version you’re running. Windows finds the drivers needed for this drive and says that it installed them but when you look in the Device drivers folder it says that the drivers are not installed.

Anyways, it didn’t do the trick. Join the community hereit only takes a minute. Is is too late? How to record anything on your screen using th Having a problem with the Lite-On CDrom.

It is in a firewire external enclosure. This system is used as a server with Apache 2.