There is currently no documentation of the JSON schema for defining complex modifications. If it is BT or something like that, more than likely it would work, but a specific model would make it easier to find out. Excuse the dutch screenshots Select the keynote or PowerPoint application and enter the Keynote menu option in your OS language that starts the display of the presentation. Also note that you can only advance and reverse through the pages, the other capabilities appear to be non-functional. This entry was posted on November 5, at

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Check its checkbox to activate it, as shown below:. De Logitec werkt inderdaad mooi met een MacBook. Make sure to choose the This basically means that whenever a key is pressed on an input device, Karabiner intercepts the signal sent by the device, kac if it has a remapping rule for this key, and if yes, changes the signal, and passes it on to the application which is receiving the input from this device.

So, now you have to find out which keyboard shortcuts your specific presentation wierless uses.

Do the Logitech laser pointers work with either Macs or the iPad Pro? – Ars Technica OpenForum

You can, for example, also make your presenter a remote control for YouTube by mapping the keys to the YouTube shortcuts listed here. The old Karabiner version can also be installed from the Karabiner website.


Wed Sep 13, 7: Tell me, if you do and if it works! Though Logitech does not state the presenter R works with Mac, I know it does. The spotlight model explicitly says that logitfch does: The names for the keyboard keys used by Karabiner e. Wirsless dot key hides the current slide.

Different presentation applications use different keys for these tasks. If you click on your device in the main panel, information about it is presentee in a panel below.

Logitech r400 Wireless Presenter

Key mappings presenter R Thu Sep 14, 7: It displays the name of each key as it is pressed on the keyboard.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Now, just press all the keys on your presenter and observe which keys get highlighted in the Keyboard Predenter.

So, this is not an option for our scenario. A wireless presenter is a very useful device for switching between the full-screen slides in a presentation.

The most important of these keys are the Next and Previous keys, which are supposed to switch to the next and previous slide in the presentation, respectively. Note that one of my peers also has the same “clicker” and had to make sure that his Preferences didn’t disable his trackpad while it was plugged in what idiot made that the default? The presenter works like a charm with Powerpoint for Mac.


Remapping the Keys of a Wireless Presenter

The Logitech R Presenter has four keys, as show on this picture:. Now the rule is enabled logtiech applies whenever you use your specific presenter with your specified presentation applicatoin and not otherwise, as desired.

Which keys does your presentation software use? So, if for example, a Page Down is remapped to a Arrow Left in Karabiner, the target application receives an Arrow Lefteven if a Page Down has been pressed on the input device. I will let you know about my experience with the Satechi. This is the configuration file that contains all the custom remapping rules.

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Remapping the Keys of a Wireless Presenter

If not, you can search it on Google, or simply trying it out in the application. Powerpoint, Keynote and the like all know to look for keypresses and pretty much wireoess the same ones. In the window that pops up, locate the category of your device in the left column.

Starting and stopping the presentation, moving back and forth through the slides, and blank-out the screen all function correctly.