Why would you buy it for that anyway? The aforementioned picture viewer allows three levels of zoom and will display photos as a slide show, and the music player features repeat and shuffle buttons and a customizable equalizer. On the main menu page, there are four colorful icons for accessing the Map, Music, Find, and Options pages, as well as a button for entering the picture-viewer program more on this later and the gauge page, which displays your average and maximum speed, an odometer, a speedometer, and a digital clock. For example, if you have four stops you need to make, you can program in each stop in order and get navigation directions for your entire trip. There are three pages, with tabs at the top of the page you want to select. The pre-loaded map data available in the IWAY C, is provided by Navteq and seems to be the most current mapping data available. Be aware that the USB port is the older, slower 1.

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Lowrance iWAY C Automotive Mountable GPS Receiver | eBay

You can download the IWAY manual online by clicking here. Selecting too many items will clutter the screen, you will want to experiment to see which data fields are most helpful to you. And on the keyboard for entering address information, you can select either a standard keyboard arrangement of characters or one that is alphabetical.

Can I enter latitude and longitude coordinates into the unit? Although you won’t find any advanced features, such as traffic services or text-to-speech functionality, the Lowrance iWay c is easy to use, and lowrancs an affordable way to share GPS and MP3 technology between several cars.


I noticed similiar routing issues with the RoadMatealthough I have never seen this in the Garmin c Plus, its battery life doubles that of its competitors, such as the Iwa StreetPilot c You have several different screen options for navigation. Then on the main menu page, select “Pictures” and you can view images on the screen. When this happens the status LED will not be lit.

Lowrance iWay c By John R. If exhausted or none left that interested us, we would find another town and then search for the attractions close to it.

The iWAY C 305c powered with a lithium-ion battery which delivers a hour life once charged fully. The frequency is lowrancf on the right side. You can see all water rivers, ponds, lakes, waterways, oceans and airports. Other options include car trails, waypoints, customized POI, sound and voice adjust there is only one nice sounding female voice for this deviceredirect voice commands to a radio freq for your radio has to be an empty station, may not work well in big cities with lots of stationsscreen brightness, route simulator the unit will simulate your entire route with voice instructions and all, see how the GPS unit works without even drivingmaster reset for all options, GPS status screen, gauge screen looks like a cheap car dash mph, time, eta, max speed, avg speed.

Like others, the unit did shut off for no reason.

Lowrance iWAY 350C Automotive Mountable GPS Receiver

If not, there is a problem at the power source. Why do I only see one menu page? Find Page This is the menu where you select where you want navigation direction for. My Trails The My Trails option, allows you to create a trail, commonly known as a track.

It gives plenty of warning of a turn coming and is loud enough. If the LED is lit up, you can use a volt meter to measure voltage coming out of the power cable. The iWAY C software version 1.


Lowrance iWay c Reader Report GPS Review

If the speaker is selected, there is a volume control you can select. Yes – MapCreate 6 or higher.

Gauge Page The gauge page, which is in the lower right hand corner of the Main Menu page, is a trip computer. Map mode is your main navigation lowranve, as it brings up your position on the detailed map and shows which direction you’re heading.

In one case we were searching for a specific restaurant but it turned out to be a different one. MP3 and Ogg Vorbis.

Lowrance packages the iWay c with a power adapter, a USB cable, a protective cover, a screen shammy, and a windshield mount. Auto Zoom This allows you to decide if you want the map to automatically zoom in or our, depending on your location, to what the unit believes is an appropriate view of the map.

Lowrance iWay 350c Reader Report

Bryon – January 18th, Route Via Waypoints It lowranve here that you can create a route. There were a few glitches. The internal battery has a very long life and seems to have the longest battery life of any navigator I have seen so far, our testing seems to be in line with Lowrance’s estimate of up to 15 hours of use.

To do this, insert an SD card with photos on it.