Some find the issue is intermittent, while others find it constant. And I suspect most us are not just one-time Apple consumers. Some are unable to mount any disc of any kind. As you might imagine, there are a variety of suggestions. One user reports that he can no longer read his own burned CDs if they are of one specific brand. After discussing the problem with my daughter, who attends a college where the art school supplies Macbooks for their students, her comment to me was eye-opening. Reader jonrichardson immediately posted a comment that a CD he?

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I think Apple is being stupid on purpose.

Matsushita UJ-857 RPC-1 (Region-Free) Update Available

It has been problematic since new. Thank you so much for this aggregation. Symptoms and Variables — These SuperDrive-related problems evince a few common symptoms: PB has had many other problems requiring extensive module replacement. Same problem as seemingly countless others. This article is an excellent summation of an ongoing and growing problem.

And I suspect most us are not just one-time Apple consumers. I live in a rural area, far away from Apple repair service. It is difficult to eject discs and multiple keystroke attempts and restarts are required to release disc. Some users believe the problem is simply rooted in faulty optical drives, while 857ee are convinced problems were prompted by a recent firmware or security update. Be respectful, keep matshtia civil and stay on topic. You 85e7 use the disk image copy later, if necessary, to create a new system installer that operates from an external hard drive.


Or it might be a single problem with a variety of triggers, leading to variable symptoms and start dates. The screen is completely dark and does not react although I removed the batery and power cord. And the TV for movies.

She said, “Mom, I’ve had to have three drives replaced!

Matshita dvd-r uj-857e firmware download

Truth is we won’t know if this is a single problem with a single solution until such time as Apple first admits the problem exists and then begins some effort to correct it! Summary — While the symptoms and solutions for these issues vary widely, they all revolve around the SuperDrive. If you experience this difficulty, look in your Accounts pane in System Preferences and see if the updater application has listed itself among your Login Items. Some are unable to mount any disc of any kind.

Further to Scott’s comment Even if this disk problem has not been identified and cured, to know what hurdles I am facing, and that I am not alone is worth a lot. Look at the forums at how many peoples Superdrive’s fail and at the difficulty in replacing. The update was already running!


Matshita dvd-r uje firmware download

Roach motel, put them matsbita, wouldn’t come out. Also annoying was that the replacement drive didn’t fit quite right, because the snap-in carrier replaces the bezel at the mouth of the drive.

It appears that after the firmware update, the optical drive? Another thread on SuperDrive problems that Apple has marked “Answered”, but it hasn’t been answered at all:.

One of those inexpensive CD reader head cleaners could be helpful. Only after I broke its connector to the mztshita did I realize the Superdrive sits in a snap-in plastic carrier and would have been easy to replace if I’d known that. Nice write-up here with pictures of much of what I’ve just described The end result is I now have a completely non-functioning Superdrive.

I had this problem with a brand-new iMac last summer. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. They start by randomly ejecting disks when Matshits insert them, and eventually, they stop mounting disks at all.

The macsales guy mislead me, saying the Panasonic drive was more reliable.