Then, it tells me it’s going to change the config. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I noticed something above in your instructions that might cause a problem for me regarding having a ‘bootable’ disk for the Compaq. X this file is located in the C: Oh well, thanks for the enlightening instructions on CD installation! The best way to add these entries is to use the program that is almost always provided on the included CD-ROM drive Diskette and is normally named install. Installation fails if the net name cannot be added to the NetBIOS name table for any reason except a duplicate name in the table.

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Many, if no most of them do.

I suggested that my brother just bite the bullet and get a new computer, and use the Compaq as a doorstop. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: After installing the driver and restarting the system, one of two things happen: Except that the driver she has was provided by the maker of the CDROM drive she’s installing, and should have just as good or better a chance of detecting the CDROM drive than that “universal” driver.

The entries below ce are bold will vary from one drive to another. Another common problem is the failure of many programs to fill in the request-header information correctly.


I will try that You seem very knowledgeable about this stuff!

AUG Network Access to CD-ROMs

The Compaq is actually not at my place it will eventually belong to my brotherso I don’t have another computer handy to make a boot disk on. However, a problem has occurred. NCI” cdd specific to a particular drive.

The second problem relates to discriminant records. There was a post a few months back.


If it loads via autoexec. SYS as it directs. The time now is You may have to register vd you can post: It will look similar to this: To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Though upon checking the floppy disk director, it seemed like it could read it most of the time.

Join Date Jan Posts 1, ZiggyStardust 1 2 That was a common source of problems with computers in that era, and can typically be fixed for free by just figuring out what hardware or gom driver needs to have settings be changed.

Dynamically allocated buffers are used in the server.

I’d love to learn more about it! EXE file from Microsoft linked above to the root directory of drive C:.


Microsoft DOS mscdex command

Type bytes can then be used to declare multibyte fields without introducing alignment holes. The compiler switch, -Kwas used to retain the internal form information needed for optimization in the link step and the switch, -fsused to turn mscxex runtime checks. If you get a DOS prompt at that point then it is the cdrom.

Unfortunately, the real world seldom affords such luxury. Maybe not a long term solution, but that could help to determine where the stability issue exists.

I agree with the pause as the first line in the autoexec. DriveLetter is a read-only field for the driver and both it and Reserved should be initialized dom 0.

The client software will not load if the client name is already in use on the network. Or you could connect the cd drive to the sound cards IDE port. When the packet arrives from cc client via NetBIOS, the command code and all subsequent bytes of the packet are treated as a byte slice and are shifted right one byte in the array.