I would try another capture device. Diamond buys hardware from various Chinese sources, bundles it with their choice of software, creates a name for the bundles and sells them as Diamond products EZCap went to great lengths in their efforts to differentiate themselves from the frauds, and the “EZ” was one of them. Well, for what I read on the linked page, this device, authentic or not, works for XP as most analogue capture devices do but coughs on any later OS. BTW a little more info may not go amiss. Originally Posted by convoy And this ‘EZ-grabber’ make-model, purchase link.

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trabber That one might have audio drivers issues. How to apply color correction using the Gradie BTW a little more info may not go amiss. Which is one reason why I suggested another device. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid Upload a short sample with the problem. Love for pc experts to see this problem. A VCR that over comes a computer. Originally Posted by convoy Used different transfer video capture programs and even manipulated grzbber audio inputs If the latter you might just need to change inputs or change from mic to line level.


Definitely knowing your full set up and hook up would help.

VHS to DVD, Analog to Digital Recorder, USB Video Capture Device for PC | EZGrabber 2 | Geniatech

Originally Posted by DB Win7 it seems assuming that we have the right device but what OS is the OP using? Just purchased one now in fact from this discussion and others – awaiting its delivery and will be doing some tests and reporting back to this, or a nearby, thread, soon on my results.

Results 1 to 25 of Also, I’m wondering if somehow there is feedback going on from the audio input of the PC. The vcr is only 10 yrs old, probably one the last ones made since dvd’s took over. I guess you are not using the PC in your profile so what is it. At any rate, I still wouldn’t purchase a VC or variant.

MyGica Capit VHS to DVD Video Capture, Analog to Digital TV Recorder

Or you may have tracking problems with the tape. Did some video and audio testing, watching 24 yr old home videos Bundling products made by someone else and re-branding is a long-established practice in the electronics industry, so I don’t know what you find particularly mygkca about this.

The static is so loud is overcomes the present video’s audio. And this ‘EZ-grabber’ make-model, purchase link. I never claimed the EZ Grabber was any good, just that it isn’t technically a counterfeit of the ezcap.


Make your own DVD easily with high quality!

But Jeez, what does it take for an OP to come back to a topic and actually contribute something. He seems to want a member to come to his place and solve this for him.

Well, for what I read on the linked page, this device, authentic or not, works for XP as most analogue capture devices do but coughs on any later OS. We are not mind-readers so these little scraps can assist.

How to record anything on your screen using th Mjgica that itself should get the alarm bells ringing.

Have run into an audio snag that both my son and I are stumped by Seems the VCR audio is more powerful than a pc. And it shouldnt be the problem either.