Please update it as needed with other Linux Distribution instructions. Chris chris-yourdreamnet wrote on How do I set up network boot in Mythbuntu? Same here – if I run the restricted driver manager on the PXE-booted frontend, it shows no drivers. Once you can get this virtual machine to boot, it is a simple matter to get a physical machine working. Maybe the next version of mythbuntu-diskless could make sure the prerequisites are either included or properly loaded by the manager and that at least the process is properly documented. The generic nvidia driver is loaded, which doesn’t work too well with mythtv.

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Once you can get this virtual machine to boot, it is a simple matter to get a physical machine working.

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JPG edit Add attachment. The following are pertinent details of the setup built:. Redhat and the subsequent Fedora Core releases provide a fairly straightforward method of creating a diskless boot environment that can support both PXE and Netboot or Etherboot environments. This page describes the various methods for creating diskless frontends on a variety of Diskless distributions.

Go to Nvidia’s website get the link for the current nvidia drivers. Mythbuntu Diskless Nvidia Driver.


This example is specific to the Redhat and Fedora Core implementation and may vary depending on your distribution. You can use the MAC address of the Client, in the form of: No such file or directory”.

This page was last modified on 11 Mayat This is the title of your second post. Keep in mind that it’s a bit rough, especially regarding the documentation. Ok, I commented out all the mv commands. That’s why we’re using a fat client approach: Comment on this change optional.

With thin clients, all applications are run on the server and the thin client just displays the graphical parts. The system-config-netboot package provides the scripts necessary to create a diskless configuration. Alternatively, there’s a meta-package that will let you choose between different versions in the restricted driver manager later, forgot what it’s called. How do I set up network boot in Mythbuntu? All of these should ideally go right into the squashfs image. How do I set up network boot in Mythbuntu?

Anything you do here will be done for all frontends that boot via the network. There are disklesx steps involved. Chris, please try the latest kernel in your chroot. Watching pre-recorded shows also seemed to have this low frame rate problem.


Diskless LTSP Frontend – MythTV Official Wiki

The final parts are for troubleshooting and maintenance updates. If you can’t see the edges of your screen, you have a condition called “overscan”. Clearly the ‘low frame rate’ problem is annoying and needed to be fixed. The restricted driver manager on the frontend now tells me that drivers are available, but when I “activate” one of them, it downloads stuff and then still shows it as inactive. Now it reached a gzip command and did the same kind of thing. Once the system is booted, there may be various tweaks and settings the need to be modified.

If you already have a DHCP server on your network do the following: I have narrowed down the process now. So, I junked the original:. The main root filesystem is mounted read only to provide sharing between multiple systems. Views Read View source View history.